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SENDITUR is a place to discover and enjoy the best routes and places.

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In SENDITUR you will find all the information related to active tourism (hiking, mountain or the way of Santiago) and cultural tourism (towns, cities and places of interest to visit), you will have guides in web format and pdf with rigorous descriptions of the itineraries. The descriptions of the routes include a description of the place, an explanation of the route, a technical area with maps, GPS tracks and the profile of the route, as well as a gallery of photographs and videos to make the description more understandable and dynamic, with ratings, comments and contributions from hikers, places of interest nearby, in addition to all that additional information and useful you may need to live a unique experience.

En ocasiones SENDITUR utiliza y / o modifica imágenes pertenecientes a terceros sujetos a licencia Creative Commons cuyos términos se encuentran disponibles en el siguiente enlace. Estas imágenes no son propiedad de SENDITUR y, por lo tanto, aún conservan los mismos derechos de autor bajo los cuales se utilizan en este sitio web Attribution-ShareAlike.

The idea for this project is by Sergio López Capellán and his collaborators. We have been doing hiking and mountain activities for more than 15 years, in which we have learned a lot and we hope to share and expand that experience with all of you from

What is is a Web and Mobile Application for tourist information, routes and tourist products. It is a web environment computer application based on last generation databases and programming that allows you to easily find the information or product you are looking for in relation to the territory (area or route), activity or calendar. And that the supplier of the product has a space to show its information 'online' and classified.

Take a look at the condiciones legales, but in short, this portal is free for people who consult it. SENDITUR works continuously to improve the website and to expand its contents.

We are in contact

SENDITUR tries that all the proposed itineraries are always interesting and motivating, whether it is crossing a valley through which the route passes, the place where one sleeps, the mountain that one climbs, the landscapes that are discovered or the symbolism of the route, etc.

If you have any request, suggestion or query. Do not hesitate to contact us by email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We also invite you to participate in the web and that you can be part of it. All the contents have a section to make your comments or doubts, evaluations of each of them and introduce your own photos, videos and tracks. The participation of all will help all hikers and mountaineers.

We also invite you to stay in touch through social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr or Pinterst where we can share experiences and interact. We wait for you!

SENDITUR we are constantly developing and improving it. We appreciate all the comments that help us to improve.


At SENDITUR we have consulted the following websites and we would like to expressly thank you for the information that you make available to Internet users on a disinterested basis.


IGN (Instituto Geográfico Nacional).

Safe Mountain.

Google Maps.


SENDITUR quiere dar las gracias a todas aquellas personas que han hecho posible que el proyecto fuera una realidad. Sin su ayuda no hubiera sido posible.

Thank you so much! We're still counting on all of you!

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