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32 Original gifts for hikers and mountaineers

When those special dates arrive, such as Christmas or birthdays, and we get down to work on the always complicated task of finding the best gift for our partner, our friend or our family member, a lot of doubts arise. In general, making our gift related to their hobbies is usually synonymous with almost guaranteed success. Those of us who like hiking, the mountains, in short, nature, know the added difficulty of finding the perfect gift that combines originality and usefulness.

With these 32 original gifts for hikers and mountaineers we want to give you some ideas to give away leaving the classic items, such as hiking boots, hiking clothes or GPS among others and that in many cases or already have them or we have to count with the person in particular not to make a mistake in our gift for that special day.

Making a gift for nature, hiking and mountain lovers is not an easy task so here are our ideas, some of them tested in our activities, some more economical others less but all of them with a good value for money and what is more important, useful and original at the same time.

1-How to shit in the bush

We start by reading, giving a book as a gift is always a good idea, there are many books that we can find related to the theme of hiking or mountain. Books that narrate the adventures lived by their protagonists, other didactic books that allow us to be better trained to perform our activities, but certainly few like the one we propose. Kathleen Meyer talks to us in an amusing way about a subject that for many of us has been a headache that we have tried to carry in silence.

2-Map holder

In the era of Smartphones and GPS watches, it is almost strange to see a person following a route or verifying their position in the classic style, with a map and compass. Of course, technology is there to be used and even more so if it provides us with greater security in our activities, but even so, a compass and a map of the area where we are moving cannot be missing in our backpack. This map holder will allow us to make use of our map without the weather deteriorating it or the humidity making it unusable.

3-Vintage compass

As we have already mentioned before, the age of technology has also arrived to mountain and hiking activities. But who does not keep as a treasure some old component of the old material that accompanied us on our routes? That old wooden ice axe, the old Kamet hiking boots tanned in a thousand mountains and cared for with care, treating them with the typical horse grease to protect them from moisture. Who more and who less carries a little nostalgic inside and this vintage compass can be the perfect gift that transports us to another era lived.

4-Goal Zero solar generator

There are many times when we go for a few days to live an outdoor experience, lost in an old cabin or with our camper, making the most of every minute of the day to get the best photos, the most impressive videos. Always accompanied by a lot of devices whose batteries do not usually tolerate very well the low temperatures to which we expose them and claim their corresponding charge to be able to continue using them the next morning. This portable solar generator allows us to have the necessary energy wherever we are, in addition to having some other function.

5-Ear plugs

The atmosphere in a mountain hut, in a hostel or when bivouacking with your fellow climbers surrounded by incredible landscapes, is undoubtedly a unique experience that unfortunately can become a real torture when we go to sleep. And if we are unlucky enough not to fall asleep quickly enough or, as they say, to be a light sleeper, it can become an impossible task thanks to the thunderous snoring that is usually part of the soundtrack of these places. That's why they'll surely thank us for giving them earplugs as a gift.

6-Hand warmer gel

The mountain in winter has something special, the snow and the cold contribute their grain of sand to the spell that the winter landscape casts on us, but they also increase the dangers that we must face. The loss of body heat is one of the factors to take into account when hiking or going to the mountains. The hands and feet are the parts of the body that begin to feel the effects of heat loss first. Who hasn't ever found themselves with hands like ice floes unable to warm them up? These small gel bags, in many cases reusable, will get us out of trouble.

7-Backpack Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil

Spare clothes, kitchen utensils and toiletries, in short, a good amount of weight and volume that in many cases we could leave in the lockers of the shelter and not carry it during the activity we are going to do. Having a bag or backpack that also allows us to carry what we need for a walk around town after a long trekking or for example on the Way of Saint James would be especially useful. The Sea to Summit Ultra Sil with its small weight and volume, barely occupies the palm of the hand, and its 20l. capacity among other virtues, can serve us perfectly as an attack backpack or auxiliary bag in our escapades.

8-Scrubba washing bag

Carrying out activities of several days in the natural environment implies not having the comforts that we have at our disposal today. Tasks as common as doing the laundry become more complicated than we think, and not because we are brave adventurers or adventurers we have to go with dirty clothes and with a life of their own.It is true that the technical garments currently in use take these factors into account, but this Scrubba washing bag will surely be of great use to us.

9-Water filter LifeStraw

The crystal clear waters of mountain streams invite us to refresh and drink from them, in fact there are many people who save weight and space by not carrying the necessary water, taking advantage of the aquifers that are found. But these crystal clear waters are not free of bacteria, no matter how pure they may seem to us, and the springs that we find on many hiking and mountain routes do not ensure the potability of their waters. With this LifeStraw water filter there will be practically no bacteria that will slip through..

10-Platypus compressible wineskin

When the chorizo and sausage, cheese, sardines and bacon were the kings of the picnic of any self-respecting excursion and the energy bars seemed more like bird food than the food of hardened mountaineers, a sip of wine tasted like glory surrounded by the magnificent landscape in which we found ourselves. Obviously alcohol is not the most advisable for rehydration, but with this compressible Platypus wine bottle that preserves all the nuances of wine, who can resist having a glass of wine in the warmth of a campfire after a hard day in the mountains?

11-Foldable stove

We all have in mind the typical image of camping around the campfire where we heat dinner, coffee or tea. Today we have gas stoves of little weight and great caloric power, but there are still people who prefer, where possible, to prepare food with fossil fuels, for this and always with the utmost caution we have this folding stove that thanks to its design will facilitate the task, also its low weight and small volume are ideal for transporting them in our backpack.

12-Emergency whistle

Unfortunately, when carrying out this type of activities we are subject to risks that we cannot control no matter how well we prepare the route, as we already know that there is no such thing as zero risk. At our disposal we have several systems that help us to communicate our emergency and ask for help but unfortunately we will not always have them operational. Something as simple as a survival whistle can help us at a given moment to make ourselves heard and call the attention of people who are close to us but would not hear our cries.

13-Mobile cover

Nowadays, mobile devices have become inseparable companions in our mountain excursions and hiking routes. They act as GPS, provide us with information about places, and even serve to communicate an emergency. But like all electronic devices, humidity and the extreme conditions that we may encounter do not usually suit them very well. For those who cannot count on an outdoor mobile phone prepared for these conditions, this mobile phone case can help them to avoid an unpleasant experience with this device..

14-Earrings carabiner climbing

For many of us hiking and mountaineering is more than a hobby, it is a passion, a way of understanding life and nature. To be able to carry with us a piece of jewelry related to our passion is something that surely we would all like. These carabiner earrings are one of the many original gifts of this type that we can find to have a more than magnificent birthday or Christmas gift..

15-The adventure Begins Mug

Not all gifts have to be necessarily to accompany us and be useful in our activities, we can also find in the market details that serve us to remember our exploits when we are in the comfort of our home and planning the next one. And what better way to remember that climb or that route than with a cup of coffee, tea or whatever we are used to drinking in those moments of relaxation while planning our next adventure.

16-Walki Talkie

Safety is of vital importance when we carry out activities in nature, and it is equally important to be able to communicate an emergency in case it is necessary. Mobile phones are undoubtedly a great help, but it is not superfluous to carry a second system that can help us in case of need. The classic Walkie-Talkie today have become a good tool for hikers. Thanks to the 7-7 channel we can communicate an emergency and help other hikers in case of need..

17-Isothermal blanket

A classic in the backpack of every self-respecting mountaineer or hiker, but unfortunately not so common in most cases. And is that this small and transportable isothermal blanket depending on the side that we put in contact with our skin will protect us from heat loss or insulate us from the sun and the dreaded heat stroke in summer. And you have yours?

18-Insect repellent

When we talk about insect repellents, the image of countries in other latitudes or the mosquito repellents that are often used to protect babies or children from the annoying bites of these insects seems to come to mind. But it would be a serious mistake to stay with this image and not realize that when we go out in nature we are exposed not only to mosquito bites, but also to bugs as dangerous as ticks whose bites can create many serious health problems.

19-Sheet, sleeping bag

Going to a shelter in summer or to a hostel to sleep seems to imply necessarily carrying a sleeping bag. And although today we have on the market sleeping bags with good characteristics, low weight and volume, there are times when we end up sleeping outside the sleeping bag, on top of it. For these days we have the sheet, sleeping bag, much less heavy and bulky than the typical sleeping bag, but that allows us to isolate ourselves from the mattresses or sheets of the hostel or shelter on duty.

20-Telescopic spyglass

Many times when we are doing a route or we are going to face a corridor or a particular route, we need to take a look from afar but with as much detail as possible. We even like to enjoy the flight of the birds that inhabit the rocky walls of the mountains around us. But carrying binoculars adds weight and bulk to an already heavy backpack. With this telescopic spyglass we will never miss a detail of our surroundings again.

21-Crampons for the city

Snow, that precious element that dyes the mountains and fields white, embellishing these landscapes. The snow exerts a power of attraction that calls us to enjoy its friendly side, but also puts us in difficulty when performing any activity. But these crampons for the city are designed for after the route, for when the snow and ice make it difficult for us to walk through the streets of the town where we are staying or the city where we live. They can also be useful when we encounter mud.

22-Zippo hand warmer lighter

Having a lighter that allows us to light a fire easily, or light the stove in those cases where there is no ignition system is something that we will certainly appreciate in our escapades in nature. But that this lighter also serves as a hand warmer is something that offers us this model of the famous Zippo brand. Undoubtedly an original gift for any hiker or mountaineer that we have as a friend or partner.

23-Portable solar charger

The camera, the mobile phone, the action camera, the GPS, if we review the electronic devices that we usually carry with us on any hiking route or in the mountains we will surely be surprised. All of them work thanks to their powerful batteries that as a general rule give us enough autonomy. Although as we all know there are many factors that affect the performance of these batteries so carrying a recharging device is almost essential and this portable solar charger can be a good option.

24-Airtight capsule

No one is exempt from an untimely fall when fording a stream that not only leaves us soaked but also soaks the objects we carry in our backpack. It is more common to get caught in a downpour and we know that humidity has a life of its own and no matter how much we protect the backpack it always seems to sneak in somewhere. This and other reasons more than justify giving this airtight capsule, a watertight container that will protect our objects and allow us to carry them organized.

25-Biolite wood stove

Making a campfire in nature, besides having its certain difficulty, also involves a risk that we must take into account. Fortunately, gas stoves and portable structures that allow us to make a fire to heat food, breakfast or to warm ourselves, have found a new competitor. This curious Biolite stove, besides being totally portable, can be charged by USB allowing us to have a safe heating point with multiple utilities.

26-Spoon fork

When you are bivouacking or camping, it is important to take with you the essential cutlery to eat. There are plenty of Quick for outdoor activities, but as any good backpacker knows, weight and volume count. That's why having a two-in-one accessory is a great idea, this fork spoon is light and resistant, and when you get home you can put it in the dishwasher.

27-Outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Enjoying nature in silence is one of the pleasures of hiking, but on long journeys, after many hours of walking, it is appreciated to be able to listen to some music to charge our batteries and take us out of the monotony that some sections may have. This Bluetooth outdoor speaker is resistant to moisture and has a good autonomy and includes a microphone which makes it a handsfree speaker that will prevent us from taking our phone out of the backpack if we receive a call.

28-Solar emergency light

The headlamp is one of those items that should always be in your backpack, for those who are more reluctant to carry seemingly useless weight or for those who do not mind carrying an extra that allows them to reserve the headlamp for the night crossing times, your gift without a doubt is this one. This lamp is charged by sunlight and the most surprising thing is that it is inflatable ... yes, as if it were a typical beach ball, thus having little weight and volume.

29-Emergency bracelet with lanyard

On many occasions you go out to enjoy a route with the right equipment but as always usually happens an unforeseen event arises in which you could use some extra material, a trifle but that would help you out of the little trouble in which you find yourself. How nice it would be to have that little piece of string to hold for example a broken clasp, as this bracelet in addition to giving us a stylish touch comes equipped with a small cord, but you also have them with more surprises.

30-Pet life vest

We could not forget our four-legged friends, and they also deserve their gift. Surely we all know the trekking boots, the dog harnesses or the light collars, sometime we have met a pet wearing them. But what if our activity is related to water? Then we can equip our friend with this life jacket so that he can accompany us safely wherever we are.

31-Collapsible water bottle

The world of canteens and water bottles has evolved a lot, from those that we carry inside the backpack with the convenience of not having to take them out to drink, to those that maintain their traditional shape but with little weight. The problem with the latter is that even when empty they still take up space. This collapsible bottle gives us the possibility of reducing its volume as it empties without, as happens to plastic bottles, releasing particles that are harmful to our health.

32-Pocket blanket

To be able to sit on the grass and not get your pants soaked, to lie down to rest and not get full of dirt or to relive the typical picnic scene is something that requires carrying with us the bulky blanket that was usually used for these cases. With this pocket blanket, besides not knowing that we are carrying it, it is very resistant and waterproof, it can be used as an awning to improvise a tent that protects us from the wind and rain.

I hope that among these 32 original gifts for hikers and mountaineers you find yours or at least can serve as a starting point to find it, what I am sure is that you will succeed with the difficult task ahead.

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