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Are you one of those who prefer mountain plans, water, trails to walk with the little ones of the house? From Senditur we have plenty of plans that you can enjoy the best company, whether you are traveling with family or friends, put on your cap, appropriate footwear and your backpack with a bottle of water, to be well hydrated and get into any of the routes that we propose. Here are our 5 reasons to visit La Rioja.

5 Reasons for that visit La Rioja
Ezcaray, valley of the Oja

Surely after a day in contact with nature you will have breathed the cleanest and purest air, taken some snapshots to remember the wonderful views and the good times shared with your family and friends. If we have to choose one of the routes of La Rioja, one of them would be the one of the Jump of the Water. A linear route of 3.6 km that you can cover in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Discover the cultural heritage

If we continue discovering alternative plans in La Rioja, you cannot miss some of its must-visit places such as the Monasteries of Yuso and Suso, two monasteries visited by pilgrims on the French Way and real treasures, having been declared World Heritage Sites. The Monastery of Suso was first built to house hermits. The monument is of Visigothic, Mozarabic and Romanesque style, and that of Yuso was built to expand the previous one, but in Renaissance and Baroque style.

Other essentials in La Rioja is the Museum of La Rioja, the Cathedral of Santo Domingo de la Calzada and, of course, the Celtiberian settlement of​ Contrebia Leucade. Other 3 cultural heritage sites that you can visit during your stay in La Rioja and that we are sure will take you deep into the history of the Rioja community.

5 Reasons for that visit La Rioja
Monastery of Yuso

Supports local commerce

Due to the situation we are suffering, the best recommendation we can give you is to do your bit to continue supporting local commerce. To do this we have a couple of proposals, we will start by suggesting that you visit those bars and restaurants, family businesses that are dedicated to tourism or neighborhood stores.

The second tip we want to give you is to share your experience with your family and friends. But also, share your experience on social networks or platforms such as TripAdvisor. In the technological era in which we live, there are many of us who look for recommendations or decide on something after seeing other users' experiences on social networks.

Last but not least. We recommend that you make reservations. By making them you are helping the establishment to better manage its resources, but also to reduce the waiting time for customers. There are many establishments that have signed up for the reservation system, including bars, adventure activities and even parking lots. If the latter is your case, we recommend you to​ compare and book your parking space at the Madrid airport, Barcelona or whatever your airport of departure is with Vuelapar. They will help you save time and money on your parking space at airports in Spain, Portugal and France.

5 Reasons for that visit La Rioja

The Demanda mountain range and the monastery of Valvanera

Explore some citie

If you also enjoy the more urban plans, we want to recommend some towns in La Rioja. Here you can discover its particular charm and, of course, continue exploring this magnificent community. Some of these charming villages in La Rioja son Haro, San Vicente de la Sonrierra, with its walls and the Church of Santa María la Mayor on the top of the hill and surrounded by extensive vineyards, which you can see for miles before arriving.

Being one of the most beautiful villages in La Rioja,​ Briones. With its narrow streets, houses and palaces so characteristic will make you make a leap on the way to the sixteenth century. But if you also visit Briones during the third weekend of June, you can enjoy its medieval festival, where the whole town transforms and dresses up.

5 Reasons for that visit La Rioja
San Vicente de la Sonsierra

Enjoy with the family

All the plans we have recommended so far are totally valid for the whole family. But we wanted to dedicate this section to recommend the activities that the little ones enjoy the most. Get your flashlight ready and get into the Lead Mines of Jubera, a 1 hour and 15 minute tour that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

Other easy options for the little ones are any of the greenways of La Rioja, you can start with some of the shortest ones such as the Greenway of El Cortijo or of Préjano or the most extensive ones, which are the Oja greenway and that of the ​Cidacos.

5 Reasons for that visit La Rioja
The Natural Park of Mountain Range Cebollera

Or, as a last recommendation, for those more accustomed to hiking, the entertaining Route of the seven bridges of Azarrulla. We are sure you will love this route. The combination of water, bridges, mini waterfalls leaves no one indifferent.


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