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6 Ideas original give away for Mother's Day if she enjoys hiking and mountaineering

Mother's Day is coming and as every year we get down to work to find the gift that best represents our feelings towards the person who is, surely, the person who has supported us the most, who has contributed the most to be as we are today. Undoubtedly, finding that detail with which to see how her eyes light up is for all of us a complicated task, although year after year, curiously enough, we always get it right.

These 6 Ideas original give away for Mother's Day are designed for those mothers who love nature, who enjoy hiking or climbing a mountain and who continue to take care of us and teach us every day.a.

1-Sports camera

We all like to have a souvenir of our adventures, that perfect photo or that funny video that years later makes us go back for a moment to the moment when it was taken. And of course, who hasn't bragged about the spectacular place they've been to or the great adventure they've had? With this sports camera any mother hiker will be able to immortalize the moment with maximum image quality. Thanks to its low weight and volume, it hardly takes up any space and has numerous accessories at our disposal.


For the most adventurous mothers giving them the gift of tread the desired summit, will undoubtedly give them a unique experience. Accompanied at all times by a titled guide, they will be able to cross spectacular landscapes, allowing them to safely reach places previously reserved for experienced mountaineers. In the Pyrenees or in the Iberian mountain range, among many other places, you will find summits of different levels of difficulty where you can live an authentic adventure.

3-Activity bracelet

Being able to monitor your physical activity, heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned, elapsed time and also keep track of the hours of sleep and a comparison of the data obtained each day, allows you among other things to see your progress and know your body better. And if it also serves as a complement, with interchangeable bracelets of different colors, you receive notifications from your cell phone and alerts you when you take a long time without moving, this activity bracelet is the perfect gift for any mother hiker.

4-Rebel Ropes portraits of mountaineers women

A book is always a good choice for a Mother's Day gift and if that book tells the story of nine women who defied the societies of their time to realize their passion, it becomes a magnificent gift. Women who fought not only against the mountains they conquered, but also against the prejudices and laws of the times they lived in. Women who are a clear example of all those who with their dedication and effort are managing to change the world, in this case based on the conquest of the heights.

5-Course Basic of orientation

When we go out on a hiking route or when we undertake the ascent to a mountain, although we carry with us the GPS or we have the marks that mark the route, it is not superfluous to have some knowledge of orienteering. Taking a basic orienteering course where you will be taught how to use the classic map and compass will allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge while you spend a pleasant day in the middle of nature. Undoubtedly a gift that will be useful to continue guiding us on the right path.

6-Multi-day trekking

Giving your mother a guided trekking as a gift, such as walking the Senda de Camille in the Pyrenees of Huesca, is the perfect excuse to spend several days with her enjoying the mountains and nature. An unforgettable experience traveling through spectacular landscapes under the protection of mythical Pyrenean peaks. An original gift that she will undoubtedly remember for the rest of her life.

I hope that among these 6 Ideas original give away for Mother's Day if she enjoys hiking and mountaineering you will find yours or at least they can serve as a starting point to find it. What I am sure is that you will succeed with the difficult task ahead of you.

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