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8 fascinating places to visit in Asturias


Rugged mountains with mythical names and a long history, hidden coves protected by deafening cliffs, green landscapes dotted with pretty villages that retain all their charm, these are some of the attributes that come to mind when we ask ourselves what to see in Asturias. And the fact is that this land offers those who dare to visit it all the splendour of its remarkable natural heritage and, of course, the historical and artistic treasures it treasures. A land bathed by the energetic Cantabrian Sea, nestled between fertile valleys and majestic mountains, a land that treasures a marvellous and transcendental history, singularities that will be put before us throughout our journey through Asturias.




These are the places we suggest you visit in Asturias


Undoubtedly there are countless fascinating places to visit in Asturias, which come to our mind just think of making a trip to this beautiful land, Covadonga and its lakes, charming villages such as Lastres, Cangas de Onis or Luarca among many others, natural sites of incalculable value as we can find in the Natural Parks of Redes, Somiedo or Ubiñas. In addition Asturias has an exciting history behind it and that today we can see reflected in the museums and archaeological sites that we can visit, in the monuments it accumulates and in the marked character of its people, its customs and traditions or in its careful and characteristic gastronomy. All of them motives that together with the whims that the nature has had to good to give us in this land form part of the enchantments with which Asturias receives the one who visits it, being these 8 fascinating Places to visit in Asturias a good starting point to live a unique experience.


Muja, Jurassic Museum of Asturias

Go to Muja, Jurassic Museum of Asturias


Today there are numerous points on the Cantabrian coast of the Principality of Asturias where we can find the different footprints of the first inhabitants of this land. One of these dwellers were the dinosaurs, whose archaeological sites can be found along the so-called Dinosaur Coast. It is also there where the Jurassic Museum of Asturias, MUJA, awaits us, a space that will allow us to discover these colossal animals that dominated the earth millions of years ago. A museum that will surprise us with the histories of the different rooms that compose it.


Discover more of the Muja, Jurassic Museum of Asturias


Church of Santa María del Naranco

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Asturias has great architectural jewels that cover different styles, according to the period of history to which they correspond. One of these treasures is the complex formed by the Church of Santa María del Naranco and the Church of San Miguel de Lillo, perfect references of the Asturian pre-Romanesque. Located at the foot of Mount Naranco, with Oviedo at its feet, these two monuments are undoubtedly a must-see since to their important history we must add the beauty of their landscapes and the environment that surrounds them, undoubtedly a magnificent experience to discover.


Discover more of the Church of Santa María del Naranco


Tito Cave of Tito Bustillo

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The renowned river Sella flows without rest in search of its mouth in Ribadesella, just in this place we can visit one of the wonders of rock art, the Cave of Tito Bustillo. An archaeological site of the most important of the Cantabrian coast, whose visit will take us inside a magnificent karstic complex discovered in 1968. A route that along the different rooms and galleries that it visits, will allow us to put ourselves in the skin of the old inhabitants of this part of Asturias and to revive in our imagination their customs and their way of life.


Discover more of the Cave of Tito Bustillo


Castro of Chao Samartín

Go to Castro of Chao Samartín


Another of the references of the Principality of Asturias is the Primitive Way that departs from Oviedo in search of the tomb of the Apostle. In its route this pilgrim route crosses villages and regions of great beauty and visits places full of history and roots. One of these places is the Castro de Chao Samartín, an old village that dates back to the Bronze Age, making it the oldest in Asturias. This site of course has its corresponding interpretation center from where the visit that will take us to tour the different areas of the archaeological site.


Discover more of the Castro of Chao Samartín




Jesters of Arenillas

Go to Jesters of Arenillas


The capricious nature, as it could not be otherwise, also has its protagonism within the 8 fascinating Places to visit in Asturias. And it is that in the council of Llanes we can find the Jesters of Pría and the Jesters of Arenillas, everything a spectacle of the nature. The sea in its untiring ritual hits the cliffs of this part of the coast entering a labyrinthine network of galleries and exiting under pressure through the upper mouth of them, offering a concert of deafening snorts accompanied by a colorful curtain of water.


Discover more of the Jesters of Arenillas


Mining Ecomuseum Valle of Samuño

Go to Mining Ecomuseum Valle of Samuño


Asturias is a land of character, a character forged throughout its history, a history linked, among other things, to the mining industry. Who has never imagined what it would be like to put oneself in the skin of the miners, to descend hundreds of metres into the bowels of the earth in order to uproot the black mineral from it? The Samuño Valley Mining Ecomuseum allows us to go inside one of these mines and descend to its interior going through part of its galleries, experiencing first hand the sensations that this unforgettable experience transmits.


Discover more of the Mining Ecomuseum Valle of Samuño


The Cuevona of Cuevas del Agua

Go to the Cuevona of Cuevas del Agua


Another of the caprices that nature has given us and which we have to see in Asturias is La Cuevona, in the town of Cuevas del Agua. It is an immense cavern of high vaults that gives access to the locality of Cuevas de Agua, being such its size that this access can be made in our vehicle crossing the road that furrows La Cuevona. A natural space of great value, composed by curious calcareous formations that enlarge the already great beauty of this colossal cave. A cave that is the habitat chosen as home by a curious and varied fauna and flora, which increases the ecological value of La Cuevona.  


Discover more about The Cuevona of Cuevas del Agua


Church of Santa Cristina of Lena

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In many places along this land the natural heritage and cultural heritage that Asturias possesses merge in perfect harmony creating a place of great beauty and incalculable value. One of these places is the one we find in our visit to the church of Santa Cristina of Lena, another small jewel of Asturian pre-Romanesque away from the hustle and bustle in which we live today. This church known as the 365 corners, as many as there are days in the year, gives us the beauty of its surroundings and the whimsical drawing of its architecture both exterior and interior.


Discover more of Church of Santa Cristina of Lena


These 8 fascinating places to visit in Asturias are just a small example of the charming corners and places of interest that await to be discovered. We know that you will surely want to know more places to see in Asturias and we hope that this small sample will serve as a starting point to enjoy your visit to this great land, where you will surely live a unique and unforgettable experience.


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