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8 Getaways for the Pilar long weekend

The October long weekend, the Pilar long weekend, generally offers us a still mild weather and days with enough daylight hours to consider a getaway and take advantage of the free time we have. Autumn begins to bring its unmistakable nuances to the landscapes we are about to visit, and a good number of possibilities and recommendations arise when choosing our destination, sea, mountain or just do some sightseeing and recharge the batteries for the long winter that lies ahead.

These are the excursions for the Pilar long weekend that we propose to you

Discover enchanting places while we travel an entertaining hiking route, be amazed by the spectacular colossal mountains and steep gorges, go back in time visiting ancient archaeological sites or relax while contemplating a magnificent panorama surrounded by nature in its purest form are some of the many possibilities that are presented to us. With these 8 Getaways for the Pilar long weekend we can choose between different hiking trails, charming places to which to make an excursion or sightseeing tours that will take us to know surprising places. Excursions to do with the children, with the family, or to enjoy our hobbies and passions and make the most of these days that we have ahead of us. Undoubtedly there are many trails to walk or places to visit and this selection can become a perfect source of inspiration to help us decide and choose our destination for the Pilar long weekend to become an unforgettable experience.

Gorges of Kakueta and Footbridge of Holzarte

Go to Gorges of Kakueta

On the French side of the Pyrenees navarrese, hidden among the surrounding mountains and protected by the thick vegetation that characterizes the Basque-French region where they are located, awaits us with the Gorges of Kakueta, a spectacular gorge crossed by a conditioned path that allows us to cross it without great complications. Not far away awaits us the Footbridge of Holzarte a vertiginous suspension bridge that we will reach after going up the gorge on which it sits. Both places treasure an untamed beauty suitable to discover with children, applying of course the necessary precautions as any hiking route requires.

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Route of the Viewpoints of the Arribes del Duero Natural Park

Go to Route of the Viewpoints of the Arribes del Duero Natural Park

The Duero River acts as an insurmountable natural border between Spain and Portugal, in its path it has carved an imposing landscape known as Los Arribes. These colossal waterfalls, marked on each side by the vertical walls that the river has carved over the years, are dotted with privileged balconies from which to contemplate the unique landscape of this region. The Route of the Viewpoints of the Arribes del Duero Natural Park, allows us to visit some of the most remarkable terraces that can be found along the steep course of the river. Balconies such as the Viewpoint of El Picón de Felipe and Viewpoint of The Fraile, not suitable for people with vertigo, without forgetting other places such as the spectacular Well of the Fumes.

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Path of the Neila Lagoons

Go to Path of the Neila Lagoons

To be able to contemplate a landscape of marked glacial origin formed by several lagoons, each one with its corresponding and different biodiversity, surrounded by vertical cliffs and lush forests whose trees draw a myriad of curious shapes with their ancient trunks, and do well so traveling the Path of the Neila Lagoons or strolling peacefully around the lagoons to discover the various species that inhabit them, is something that the town of Burgos of ​Neila offers us in the Natural Park of the Lagoons Glaciers of Neila. Undoubtedly a natural space still wild but quite accessible to visit without the need to be a hardened mountaineer.

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Archaeological Site of Tiermes

Go to Archaeological Site of Tiermes

Different and remarkable civilizations have passed through the Iberian Peninsula, leaving their indelible mark in the form of monuments, traditions and archaeological remains. The Archaeological Site of Tiermes allows us to immerse ourselves in its history and that of the different peoples who inhabited this once flourishing town. Strolling through its streets, walking along its unique walls or entering the aqueduct that runs through the bowels of the hill on which the town sits, will allow us to discover every corner while we reconstruct in our imagination the town of Tiermes, its noble houses, its sturdy walls and its grand amphitheater.

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Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve

Go to Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve

The Cantabrian slope of the peninsula agglutinates along its majestic coastline countless corners and places of great natural and scenic value. Steep cliffs of curious shapes and endless sandy beaches are just a small example of what we can find there. Virtues that, as take place in the​ Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve make it an unbeatable habitat for fauna and flora. To contemplate birds in full migration that can only be observed in this region, to be surprised by the sighting of some of the cetaceans that live here or to enjoy the splendid landscape that can be contemplated from some of its privileged viewpoints, is part of the many things that Urdaibai offers us.

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Cable Car of Fuente Dé

Go to Cable Car of Fuente Dé

Ascending in a cabin hanging in the void at several hundred meters is an unforgettable experience, even more so if we take into account the environment surrounding the vertiginous Cable Car of Fuente Dé. This ingenuity is one of the gateways to the rugged territory of the National Park of Picos de Europa, as it allows us to effortlessly save the great difference in height that separates the valley from the upper platform, from where the countless routes that lead us to crown the peaks of the mountains around us or that allow us to practice hiking in this privileged place as for example does the Route Ports of Áliva. Although there are also those who simply contemplate the scenery from such a privileged rooftop.

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Hermitage of San Frutos

Go to Hermitage of San Frutos

Natural Park of the Hoces of the Duratón River is another magnificent destination for this Pilar long weekend. In it awaits us all the talent of nature mixed with part of the history and culture of the people who passed through here. Archaeological remains are integrated into the various hiking trails that we can make, routes such as the Trail of the two rivers that from the monumental Sepúlveda takes us through the natural landscape carved by the Duratón River discovering the ancient remains of old civilizations. Or as the small path that brings us closer to the​ Hermitage of San Frutos, a magnificent architectural work that blends in with the amazing natural environment that surrounds it.

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Go to Benasque

Visiting a typical village in the Pyrenees aragonese, or better yet, to take it as a starting point to discover the hidden corners of the valley where it is located is another of the recommended destinations for this October long weekend. Benasque and its valley comply perfectly with this interesting plan, from it we can consider a number of excursions each one more different. From visiting the charming villages that dot the valley, for example Sahún, to enjoy a spectacular and simple hiking route and get closer to the Forau of Aiguallut at the foot of the Aneto or make one of the mythical ascents to the majestic mountains that surround us.

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Discover in Senditur more destinations and hiking routes for this October long weekend

Undoubtedly great destinations those who in these 8 Getaways for the Pilar long weekend are presented to us and I am sure you will be surprised when you visit them.​


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