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8 Places to visit in the province of Soria

At the foot of the ancient mountains of the Urbión, La Demanda and Moncayo ranges, extending across the plateau until almost touching the foothills of the first mountains of the Central System, the province of Soria treasures an important historical and natural heritage. As a result of its strategic location, Soria has been a silent witness to the passage through these lands of different civilizations that left their mark here forever. A cultural heritage that adds to the magnificent natural landscapes that we can visit in Soria and its province.

These are the places we suggest you visit in Soria

Beyond its beautiful villages of careful aspect and in many cases marked medieval character, this selection of 8 places to visit in the province of Soria is a trip that brings us closer to corners that in some cases we could not even imagine existed. Archaeological sites at the height of the most important in Europe, unique natural monuments of incalculable value, castles, hermitages and monasteries that testify to the historical importance that the lands of Soria have had over time. 8 Places to visit in the province of Soria that serve as a starting point to discover the charms of this land of strong contrasts, border between ancient kingdoms, obligatory passage of ancestral routes and silent witness of a thousand battles.

Numancia Archaeological Site

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Remarkable were the different civilizations that passed through here, such as the famous defense exercised by the Numantines against the siege of the Roman troops in their conquest of the Iberian Peninsula. The remains of this ancient Celtiberian town tell us today about the history and life of the people who populated this once important city. Its cobbled streets, its, for the time, welcoming homes or the remains of the imposing wall that protected them, are part of the inexcusable visit to this archaeological site located on the hill of La Muela, a short distance from Soria capital.

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Arches of San Juan de Duero

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Without a doubt the Duero River has been and is one of the undisputed lords of the lands of Soria, its waters run calmly marking in many cases the future from where it passes. Bathed by its waters we can find true jewels of history, such as the unique Monastery of San Juan de Duero. An architectural complex, an example of the Castilian Romanesque style, formed by its simple yet beautiful church and the remains of the old cloister, one of the most extraordinary of all those we can see, even though its structure is not complete.

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Hermitage of San Saturio

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A short distance downstream, observed on the other bank and from the top of the hill where it used to sit, by the remains of the old castle of Soria, another of the spectacular corners that we will discover in this land awaits us. The Hermitage of San Saturio literally merges with the surrounding nature, surprising us with the beautiful landscape outside and even more so with its interior rooms, which can be accessed by going through the cave on which the hermitage is located. A journey through the cave takes us through the different rooms of the famous hermit who lived there and on which the imposing chapel that we can visit today was built.

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Lobos River Canyon Natural Park

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Combining nature and architectural monuments is something that is repeated in the next destination of this journey through the lands of Soria. To the spectacular natural landscape that surrounds the peaceful course of the River Lobos we must add the incomparable Hermitage of San Bartolomé and the remains of the ancient customs of the people who lived here. Cave paintings, old beehives and deep-rooted traditions that are still preserved merge with the vertical walls of the canyon, the wild viewpoints that we can see and the impressive Big Cave, the protagonist of so many photographs. Without a doubt, it is a natural environment to enjoy walking around and discovering it through some of the hiking routes that cross it.

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Sabinar of Calatañazor

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With permission from other natural corners of great beauty such as the Black Lagoon, Castroviejo and Cave Serena, we enter one of the thickest and most important juniper forests still preserved in the world. Thanks to the special conditions here, we have the opportunity to tour this natural space surrounded by junipers that are over 400 years old, discover the special conditions for their conservation and travel along some of the routes that pass through here, allowing us to get close to the medieval town of Calatañazor or even the Natural Monument of La Fuentona, the travelling companion of the Sabinar of Calatañazor.

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Castle of Gormaz

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Almost countless are the royal castles and fortresses that once protected and controlled this strategic region and that today, with better or worse conservation status, we can visit in Soria. Equally numerous were the illustrious characters who passed through here disputing famous battles and leaving well-known legends in their wake. Some of these fortifications are as colossal as the Castle of Gormaz, which was the largest in its time in all of Europe, and whose remains can be visited by putting ourselves in the shoes of the illustrious knights who disputed its control for years.

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Archaeological site of Tiermes

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We travel back in time to the Celtiberian city of Tiermes whose history we can see reflected while visiting what were its houses and streets, we walk along the natural walls that protected it from the invading troops or when we enter the old aqueduct that ran through the bowels of the hill where the city of Tiermes is located. Colossal works of engineering that left, along with their history, the different cultures that inhabited Tiermes and that make this site a jewel on a par with Pompeii or Petra, a journey that will take us from age to age through its history.

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Monastery of Santa Maria de Huerta

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With permission from such emblematic places as Medinaceli or the Hermitage of San Baudelio, the next destination on this journey through the province of Soria is the Monastery of Santa María de Huerta. Its refectory, the cloisters, the hall of the converts, among many other corners, make this monastery an almost obligatory stop in any visit to the province of Soria. The different architectural styles that compose it, its singular distribution and the masterpieces that it treasures, such as the main altarpiece of the church, make us very clear the remarkable importance that this monastery has had since its construction in the 12th century.

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These 8 places to visit in the province of Soria are just a small example of the charming corners and places of interest waiting to be discovered by us.


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