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Features of Senditur App


Senditur's App is designed to be your travel companion, to whom you can consult the doubts we all have at some point in our adventure or tour. The App has an extensive database that will help us discover what surrounds us as mountains, towns and a varied assortment of places of interest ranging from lagoons, fountains, recreation areas or viewpoints to monuments, places of worship, castles and museums. Its main functions do not require an internet connection or mobile coverage, as long as the device has a GPS sensor.

App de Senditur Ico_Listado

Nearby List Mode

Modo Listado por cercanía

Once started the App will geolocate your position and show you the information available around you, using three different modes for you to choose at any time how you want to see what surrounds you. The first mode shows a list of places sorted by proximity to your position, where you can see the name, the category they belong to and the distance in a straight line that separates you from it.

App de Senditur Ico_Mapa

Map Mode

Modo Mapa, los iconos señalizan los lugares

The second mode uses the mapping system of your mobile device to show you on it by means of various characteristic icons, your position and the exact location of the places near you, being the only mode in which it is necessary to have data coverage for its operation.

App de Senditur Ico_Realidad_Aumentada

Augmented reality mode

Modo Realidad Aumentada

The third mode is based on augmented reality technology and is developed so that you can easily identify the different places around you. All we have to do is wait for the information to load and point with our device as if we were going to take a photograph, the App will show us a series of representative icons that indicate the place to which they correspond.

For the correct functioning of this last mode of use it is necessary to have correctly calibrated the compass of our mobile device, the better the precision of this sensor of our device, the greater will be the accuracy of the indications that we will see in the screen, in addition other factors that influence in the correct signaling of the places are the precision of the signal of the GPS of our device that we have in every moment and the magnetic fields that could be affecting him, factors that unfortunately we cannot control from Senditur. Senditur's App will show you a warning along with the corresponding explanation of the steps we must follow to calibrate the compass sensor of our device, for this you only have to move it as if you were drawing an imaginary 8 circles.

Instrucciones para calibrar brújula de tu dispositivo móvil

Filtro por distancia

The Senditur App allows you to filter the results by type and distance, allowing you to choose what you want to see at all times. The distance filter allows us to adjust the search radius that can vary from our position, according to categories, from 0 to 20 km in a straight line, also and thinking about the augmented reality mode, is available the possibility of marking a minimum distance to show the results that goes from 0 m to 20,000 m, that is to say that it allows us to hide the closest places to us so that only those that are from a certain distance are shown to us, thus allowing us to hide the closest ones to us and that these do not cover the furthest ones.

Filtro por tipo

The filter by type allows you to select between:

Mountain, the most representative mountains of Spain that are close to your position will be shown.

Locations, you have more than 8,000 municipalities throughout Spain referenced.

Points of interest you can find a wide variety of places such as monuments, castles, fountains, recreation or rest areas, lagoons, places of worship, caves ...

Services, a selection of establishments and companies that we may need at any time.

Route, in this category you will be able to find the starting point of the different routes described in the Web of Senditur.


The application updates automatically and every certain distance the location in which you are to always show you the first in the list the point closest to your position. You can also update it manually by clicking on the list mode icon, useful if you have not covered the minimum distance for it to update automatically and you want to make sure which of the displayed points is the closest.

Each and every one of the places marked in the different categories has a small descriptive card that varies according to the case and which can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding icon in any of the 3 modes. This card includes the possibility of accessing the How to get there mode in which, using Google Maps, whenever it is available, it will sketch the route to follow in order to get to that specific point, also in the points that have a telephone number to communicate with the people in charge of the place, the App will give us the possibility of calling directly to the indicated telephone number. You will also be able to access more detailed information about the places and routes that have their corresponding descriptive card on the Senditur website.

Ficha descriptiva individual

Pantalla Señalización Virtual

The Camino de Santiago (Way of Saint James) deserves a special mention. It contains the Virtual Signposting system of the Way developed by Senditur for this route, which is also included in some of the hiking routes that can be found in the Rutas (Routes) type, described above. This section shares main operation with the rest of the App but in case of doubt before a crossroads of the Way will let us know where our journey continues. The operation is very simple, if you are at a crossroads of the itinerary and do not know where the route continues just turn on the App, select the type Camino de Santiago or route as appropriate and wait a few seconds to be geolocated, once you show the list of crossings, these will be ordered by proximity to your position, you only have to select the first of the list, making sure that the distance from this to your position is as close to 0 m, as the indications are only correct if the point selected corresponds to the crossroads in which you are. Once in the descriptive card of the place you will only have to point with your mobile device towards the different options that you have, making coincide the small arrow that you will see in the superior part of your screen with the drawing of the ways, seeing the number that appears in each one of them you will know which option corresponds with the description that you have in the inferior part.

For the correct functioning of this system is important to have correctly calibrated the compass of your mobile device. We must also bear in mind that the indications shown are only valid for the crossing they refer to. The indications only refer to where each road goes and never the direction to follow. In the case of having deviated from the correct route we can use the other two modes to know where we are in relation to the route as the icons shown on them are like breadcrumbs that mark it.


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