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Final ridge to the summit of the Balitús


On Sunday, May 18th, at ten o'clock in the morning, we were crowning the Balaitús. Climbing up the Latour gap, with good company, sharing effort, courage, views and laughter, is something that with words is difficult to explain.

I dedicate this summit to all of you who follow us through the social networks, who visit our page and who, step by step, make us believe more and more in our project, in our brand, in short, in SENDITUR. Thank you all for your support. And as a picture is worth a thousand words I leave you some pictures that I hope you like.


On the way up to the refuge we will be able to enjoy magnificent corners.

Path through the valleyWalking along the mountain range

Climbing up the spectacular valley to the vicinity of a dam with unbeatable views. The Respomuso shelter is located on the shore of the lake that forms the dam.​

Dam in the upper valleyArriving at the shelter

In the shelter we find as part of the history, the material used by the first mountaineers who crowned these summits.

The old materialFirst ramps to the Balaitús

The next day we start the ascent to the Balaitús, with hard ramps that welcome us from the first steps. The Gap of Latour awaits us at the end of this shovel, it seems little seen from here.

View from the top of the Latour GapLatour Gap

Once up there, it becomes clearer what the proportions are and what the difference in level is that bridges this gap. Finally we reach the top of the Balaitús at 3144 m, the view from it is spectacular, it has been hard but worth it.

Views from the crestSummit of the Balaitús

We enjoy the summit looking sideways at the clouds that are slowly advancing. We start the descent and by the time we want to realize the fog had already covered the summits, while a cordada faced the ascent to the gap.

View from the top of the BalaitúsThe Latour Gap and a rope climbing through it

Instead of following the usual route of descent, we took advantage of the good conditions of the snow and threw ourselves through this shovel directly to the refuge, where after resting and enjoying the privileged environment that surrounds it, we continued the descent tired but satisfied with what we had experienced.

Downstream channel to the refugePanoramic view from the refuge's esplanade


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