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Choose good the Way of Saint James

Today there are many Ways, each with its own particularities, which offer us the possibility of making a pilgrimage to Santiago. Many of them unite into one and continue together towards the tomb of the Apostle. The most popular is the so-called French Way, which for a person without experience and not very used to long walks, provides more facilities, being the busiest and has a greater number of services linked to it. This does not mean that the rest of the paths are not appropriate or that this one is the easiest, on the contrary, all of them provide us with some exclusive particularities that are the ones that should guide us at the time of deciding for one or the other.

Choose good the Way The type of orography, the time of year in which we are going to perform it and our experience and physical condition, are the factors to take into account for this decision. For example, the stages that cross the Pyrenees along the Aragonese and French routes are not very advisable in winter, since the snow, fog and intense cold can put us in a embarrass. The North Way or the Primitive Way are beautiful routes, but they require a greater physical form when running through mountainous terrain, as is the case with the Basque Interior Way, which is also tremendously beautiful and physical.

The pilgrim who has walked the Way more than once knows that no matter how well prepared you are, it will take you to the limit on some occasion.

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