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Equipment for the Way

Difficult decision considering that normally we are the ones who have to carry with him. The time of year and the route chosen are the fundamental factors, it is not the same to do the Way in winter than in summer or to do the Silver Route than the North Way. Broadly speaking, there is common material in all cases and of different characteristics in each one. A backpack of our size and well adjusted, about 50 or 60 liters should be enough, waterproofing is essential and an additional cover in case of rain is not superfluous. Even so, it is a good idea to put the clothes we carry in them in plastic bags or waterproof bags if we don't want to have to put on wet clothes after being in the rain all day. The trekking poles are another ally that will help us on the Way of Saint James, there are studies that prove that these, well used, reduce the workload of the legs by 30%. Their light weight and ease of transport when folded makes them a better option than the poles of the Way.

Loaded backpacks

Boots with several Paths on their soles

The choice of footwear is another critical point. It is important to have adapted the footwear we wear, which allows us to walk kilometers without problems. In most cases it is advisable to do the stages with a pair of boots, nowadays there is a great variety of models that guarantee a good waterproofing and transpiration, fundamental to avoid the fearsome blisters. A hiking boot with a low cane is more than enough for the summer, while in the winter it must be a little more robust to be able to withstand the low temperatures and many hours of humidity. An auxiliary shoe, more comfortable but that allows us to confront stages by earth tracks and loaded with the backpack, besides to serve us to use it after arriving at the destiny of the day, we cannot lack it either. We should also take some sandals or flip-flops for the showers and to be around the shelters since in many it is not allowed to be with the street shoes.

The clothes should be made of fibers, quick drying and breathable, this will allow us to wash them and use them soon after. A pair of pants, three or four T-shirts, a softshell, and a third layer according to the time of year can be more than enough. We also need to have specific material, such as a water container that can be easily filled. Although we go through many sources not all of us can have water or it may not be suitable for consumption, so we replenish our reserves in the locations through which we go will be useful. Sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat or headscarf, are other components that can not miss. In many shelters it is mandatory to use a sleeping bag, which we will have to adapt to each season of the year, using a bag-sheet in summer or a warmer bag in winter and can be compressed so that we don't take up too much space. A towel of march, of which nowadays we can find in many specialized stores, next to the kit equipped with the necessary thing we must not forget either.

It is advisable to make an inventory before preparing the backpack

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