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GR-190 From the High Iberian Valleys A walk through our roots and history

GR 190 A walk through our roots and history

A few days ago we have done the route Gr-190 and as always we want to share with you this activity, we will do it as we characterize it, with our file of the route, our step by step, our photos and videos, the technical zone... but apart from all this, that will not take long to be at your disposal, I would like to tell you how this idea arises. In one of the meetings that we have with Senditur friends to plan the routes and activities that we are going to do during the year, someone asked: do you know what the Gr-190 is, we all answered the same thing, it is a long distance path that goes through the most mountainous parts of La Rioja and it is called High Iberians Valleys.

She gave a round of applause and exclaimed, "All right! As you can see, you are Riojans and mountaineers, and she added, but this path is much more, it is a journey through a part of our roots, of our history; it is a review of our ancient uses and customs, it is to feel in those moments that you are capable of taking refuge in yourself while you walk, how little by little that wisdom with which the ancient inhabitants of these lares impregnated these paths runs through your veins. It is talking to people who, with a smile on their lips and with the kindness that characterises us Riojans, answer any of our questions or tell us with all kinds of explanations where we should go.

Ezcaray ValleyEntrance of the Gr-190 to Ventrosa

Once the journey is over, all I can think of is to tell my colleague, who was right, that sometimes you don't have to travel hundreds or thousands of kilometres to see, you just have to learn to look around, and for you to take your rucksack, your boots and get going.

A hug to everyone.


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