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RuTyTreK Mountain Guides

RuTyTreK Mountain, Hiking and Trekking Guides

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RuTyTreK Mountain, Hiking and Trekking Guides offers us a wide range of hiking and mountain activities guided by professionals, including the routes that appear on our website Senditur. Guided excursions, ascents, trekking, snowshoeing circuits, are just some of the proposals they have prepared for us. From RuTyTreK they encourage us to live an unforgettable experience with the security and confidence that comes from going hand in hand with great mountain professionals. Discover all the activities they have prepared for you in the Pyrenees or the Iberian System among other places, or if you prefer you can also propose the challenge you are interested in doing.


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All RuTyTreK guides are certified and accredited mountain technicians. The activities are carried out by experienced guides with the official qualifications required for the activity. They have a group of people of remarkable prestige in the sector that have an enviable mountaineering curriculum, a know-how and an intense passion for their work, which is evident in every activity they develop. They are in charge of designing and carrying out the proposals, always looking to offer attractive activities that meet your expectations.

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