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The 8 Hiking Routes in Alava you have to do


The Basque Country is a land where nature, trekking and the mountains are experienced with a particular intensity, and Álava could not be an exception. This province of the Basque Country is a melting pot of contrasts, from the colourful spectacle of the Rioja Alavesa and the rugged peaks of the Mountain Alavesa, to the green landscapes of Añana or the Ayala Valley. Not forgetting, of course, the impressive Gorbea.


Choosing the 8 hiking routes in Alava from the variety of landscapes and possibilities you have to do if you visit this land is not an easy task. There are numerous ascents and itineraries that come to mind. For sure, any of us would include some other route, which without any doubt should be in any list. An example could be the Greenway of the Basque/Navarran railway or the GR 1 Historic Trail. In any case, Alava offers a wide variety of routes that cross beautiful landscapes, visiting important corners of the history and culture of this province of the Basque Country.




These are the hiking routes in Alava that we propose.


This list of the 8 hiking routes in Alava you have to do, was born with the purpose of serving as a starting point from which to discover this land. Craggy mountains and mythical peaks full of legends await us. Narrow gorges and leafy forests of hundred-year-old trees will envelop us as we visit ancient archaeological sites or well-tended sanctuaries, part of the important natural and cultural heritage that Alava treasures.


Climb the Toloño from San Ginés

Go to Ascent of the Toloño from San Ginés


The steep Sierra of the Toloño awaits us as a natural border between the wide and colourful valley of the Ebro and the fertile Llanada Alavesa. Unmistakable summit that gives its name to this mountain wall of varied landscape. There are many routes that ascend to its summit, in this case we choose to conquer it from its southern slope. More specifically from the town of Labastida in Alava. A short distance from this medieval town is the cosy hermitage of San Ginés, the starting point for this demanding and comforting climb.



Difficulty: Moderate


Total Time: 3:10 h


Total Distance: 9 Km


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Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park

Go to Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park


Also acting as a border, but in this case in the northeast of Alava, another of the nature sanctuaries that this region treasures awaits us. The Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park extends over the historical territories of Alava and Gipuzkoa, and is crossed by countless hiking routes and ancient itineraries such as the inland Basque Way of Saint James. Rugged peaks of the size of Aratz, leafy and colourful forests, and plentiful streams are part of the landscape that awaits us. In Araia we will find the park house corresponding to the Alava slope and the starting point for a good number of routes.


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Gorbeia from Murua along the Path of Egillolarra

Go to Gorbeia from Murua by the Path of Egillolarra


But if there is one mountain in the Basque Country that every self-respecting mountaineer should count on, it is undoubtedly Gorbeia. This mythical peak in the Basque Country gives its name to the spectacular Gorbea Natural Park, shared by Alava and Bizkaia. Countless routes of varying degrees of difficulty ascend this mountain from both sides. For this list of routes through Alava, we have chosen the Path of Egillolarra, one of the different itineraries that start from the Quarries of Murura in search of the famous Basque Mountain.



Difficulty: Moderate


Total Time: 4:10 h


Total Distance: 12,6 Km


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Natural Park of Valderejo

Go to Natural Park of Valderejo


There are nine signposted trails that run through the Valderejo Natural Park, taking us on a tour of this natural enclave in Alava. Spectacular rocks, home to a large family of griffon vultures, the remains of old villages now abandoned, or rustic hermitages are some of the treasures that await us. A natural spot formed in part by the river Purón, which in its path has created an impressive gorge, traversed by one of the most popular hiking routes in this natural park.


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GR 38 Route of the Wine and the Fish 

Go to GR 38 Route of the Wine and of the Fish


Running through the Basque Country from south to north and from north to south, this ancient route connected the fertile valleys of the south with the fishing ports of the north. The hard-working muleteers travelled this route with their carts loaded with typical products. This route has now become an interesting trekking route that crosses Alava, visiting not only the villages that served as a stopover and inn for the muleteers, but also places such as the Sanctuary of Estíbaliz. A hiking route that allows us to see for ourselves the diversity of the landscape that characterizes this land.



Difficulty: Moderate


Total Time: 7 días


Total Distance: 163 Km


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Route of the centenary oaks

Go to Route of the Centenary Oaks


A stone's throw from the source of the Zadorra River, on the hillsides of the Sierra of Entiza, colossal oaks have been growing for more than 500 years. This trekking route takes us to visit these lords of the forest through an entertaining journey. Their huge trunks testify to their longevity and uniqueness. This oak grove is a real spectacle of nature, and transmits to those who visit it a pleasant sensation of tranquility and peace. Few routes like this one invite visitors to stop almost at every step in order to enjoy every corner we pass by.



Difficulty: Medium


Total Time: 2:00 h


Total Distance: 6,4 Km


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Izki Natural Park

Go to Izki Natural Park


As in other natural parks in Alava, choosing one of the 15 trails that run through the Izki Natural Park to represent it is a complicated task. Bujanda, San Román, Los Arrieros or Ullibarri are some of the paths that will take us to an endless number of natural and cultural treasures. A great diversity of landscapes that are sure to delight any good hiker who walks its trails. In Izki we will find routes of different levels and characteristics, where we are sure to find the one that best suits our preferences.


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Circular route to the Ullíbarri-Gamboa reservoir

Go to Circular route to Ullíbarri-Gamboa reservoir


Not far from Vitoria-Gasteiz, surrounded by mountains, is the enormous Ullíbarri-Gamboa reservoir. This well known reservoir, apart from radically changing the area, has created an interesting natural habitat. Through the green route that borders it, we can go through it in part or in its entirety. On our way we will cross endless footbridges over the water, visit the remains of the old towns that I flood and learn more about their history. Without a doubt a beautiful route that runs through this visited reservoir, the largest in the whole of the Basque Country.



Difficulty: Medium


Total Time: 3:40 h


Total Distance: 12,8 Km


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Whether you are an experienced hiker or mountaineer, or you want to enjoy a quiet walk as part of your escape, the 8 hiking routes in Alava that we propose can be an excellent starting point to discover this land and the many things it has to offer. Our selection, without a doubt, can be extended with a great number of routes and places that all trekking and nature lovers would include in it, but that not because of their absence, they are not worthy of our visit.


And in yours... Which ones would they be?

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