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Tourism in Burgos 8 unforgettable places

Historical territories that saw the birth of Castile, the disparity of its landscape where the high mountains give way to the extensive Castilian plain or its rich cultural heritage are just some of the important arguments with which Burgos tempts us to know it.

The province of Burgos, nestled between the Cantabrian Mountains and the Iberian System, rises above the great central plateau. Its privileged location has contributed, in part, to nourishing this land with an important history that goes back thousands of years. This fact, together with its variety of landscapes and the important natural heritage it possesses, provide Burgos and its province with a large number of attractions ranging from archaeological sites to important monasteries, passing through spectacular landscapes, the work of a capricious nature or cozy villages that preserve all the flavour of their history.

These are the places we suggest you visit in Burgos

Undoubtedly there are many places that could be in this selection of Tourism in Burgos 8 unforgettable sites, we hope that those who are serving as a starting point to discover this exciting territory.

The Merindades

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This region of Burgos treasures a natural heritage of great ecological value such as the Natural Monument of Ojoguareña or Mount Santiago as well as the Natural Park of Hoces del Alto Ebro and Rudron or the Mounts Obarenes-San Zadomil. Without forgetting localities such as Frias, Puentedey or monasteries such as Santa María de Rioseco and castles such as Medina de Pomar or Espinosa de los Monteros, witnesses to the impressive cultural heritage that also have the Merindades.

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Orbaneja del Castillo

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In the limits of Burgos with Cantabria, fitted between the vertical walls that, like battlements of a castle built by the tireless work of the river Ebro, separate it and protect it from the extensive paramo from which the river tries to flee, drilling more and more the twisted sickles that over the years has been forming, we find this beautiful town. The landscape that surrounds it is imposing and no less so is the landscape that it forms with the waterfalls that springing from the mountain cross it in search of the nearby river.

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Monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos

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Under the attentive gaze of the Mountain range of La Demanda, in the interesting and beautiful region of Arlanza this Benedictine abbey keeps in its interior a jewel of the Romanesque, its cloister, which together with the noble art of Gregorian chant that even today are performed by its monks have given it worldwide fame. Included in the route of the Way of the Castilian Language and surrounded by a unique natural space, this monastery is the living history of this land through which such illustrious characters as El Cid or Count Fernán González walked.

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Go to Covarrubias

Many of the villages of Burgos conserve with care and affection their marked character, whether medieval or Castilian, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in them and enjoy the experience of walking its streets and buildings as in the past those who passed through them did. Towers, churches or collegiate churches, old palaces or typical Castilian squares are some of the wonders that we have to find along our walk, as for example happens in Covarrubias in the very heart of Castilian history.

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Atapuerca Archaeological Site

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The Atapuerca mountain range, through which the Way of Saint James runs, was chosen thousands of years ago by the first known European human being. The hand of modern man, anxious for the minerals that the earth holds in its entrails, discovered one of the most important sites in the world, a true encyclopaedia of human evolution that remained hidden in the chasms and caves that the mining railway trench brought to light, an almost obligatory place of pilgrimage to understand where we come from.

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Go to Burgos

Undoubtedly there are many places that could not miss in any visit to this land and one of them is its capital. Burgos and its dense artistic and historical heritage is a true walk through time, a beautiful book where you can learn about the history, culture and illustrious characters that marked the future of Castile. The Monastery of Las Huelgas, its monumental cathedral, the noble entrance doors to the old walled town, are a clear exponent of the illustriousness of this important town in Castile, which still maintains the noble imprint of other times.

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Puras de Villafranca Mining Complex

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We have already seen how the bowels of this earth hide real treasures of incalculable value, or endless chasms, caves and galleries of great geological value that make them unique in Europe, but also throughout history have kept precious minerals that man has struggled to remove from the dark mines he carved to reach them. On the very slopes of the Sierra de La Demanda, a stone's throw from the town of Belorado, we can enter the dark heart of one of these mines, putting ourselves in the skin of the hard-working miners who shaped them.

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Go to Castrojeriz

Ancient civilizations have left indelible traces of their passage through this region, Celtiberians or Romans, among others, strove to dominate and defend it by settling in impregnable castros or fighting fierce battles, as well as Muslims and Castilians, that fought for the control of the street known as Main Street of Europe, the French Way that crosses from east to west all Burgos in its pilgrimage to the tomb of the apostle, passing through the city of Castrojeriz, an example of what was once a flourishing medieval city that still preserves its splendor and traditions.

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Great proposals that are just a small sample of what we can see or do in Burgos and its province, a land with roots full of traditions forged through the years where we expect these and other magnificent corners to know.


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