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Tourism in La Rioja 8 essential places and routes


Castles, charming villages, archaeological sites, nature, culture and of course, oenology are some of the interesting proposals that this land puts on the table to invite us to visit it.


Whenever we develop an article in which we make a selection of places to visit or routes to travel we try to give a series of references for each person to discover through each proposed place the wonderful environment that surrounds it, knowing that for tastes are the colors and that everyone has their preferences, which are certainly as valid as any other. Tourism in La Rioja 8 essential places and routes is no exception, since although we are referring to one of the smallest autonomous communities in terms of extension, La Rioja concentrates different attractions like almost no other, which give a varied number of different possibilities. They will certainly surprise us. 




These are the places we suggest you visit in La Rioja


With Tourism in La Rioja 8 essential places and routes we propose you different alternatives with which you can have an unbeatable excuse to live an entire experience.  


Route of the castles of La Rioja

Tourism in La Rioja 8 essential places and routes


The lovers of history, and more specifically those of the castles, have in this region an unavoidable point for them. Since time immemorial, La Rioja has been a strategic region both for its location and for the fertility of its lands. This has led to fierce disputes over its control and the construction of numerous fortifications that have survived to the present day, allowing us to enjoy them and their surroundings as well as immerse ourselves in their history.


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Sierra Cebollera Natural Park

Tourism in La Rioja 8 essential places and routes


La Rioja, famous for the ochre landscapes of its vineyards in autumn, is also a land of high mountains where traditions and charming, well-kept villages coexist. Together with its committed people, these villages blend with the traces that nature gives to the landscapes that this region treasures. A privileged geological enclave of extensive natural forests of wild pine, beeches and oaks, with small waterfalls that will provide a real delight for the senses.


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Contrebia Leucade

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Many civilizations have passed through these lands leaving their mark. Even today you can see the mark left by the Romans or the Arabs in the archaeological sites of Calahorra and Varea or in the origin of some of the castles that populate La Rioja. But we can still go back many more years, until we find one of the most important Celtiberian sites in the north of the peninsula in which we can go back in time to distant times.


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Route of the monasteries

Tourism in La Rioja 8 essential places and routes


As it could not be otherwise, La Rioja treasures a rich architectural and cultural heritage, proof of which are its important monasteries which add to their charms that of the magnificent landscapes that surround them, where nature merges with history. The first written words of Castilian, pantheons of kings and infants, ancestral traditions, imposing landscapes or overwhelming effects of light await us.  


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Caves of Ortigosa

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The bowels of the earth hide true jewels of nature. Hidden during millions of years they have been giving form to their galleries, their stalactites and stalagmites in short to an endless number of curious forms that still today continue developing tirelessly to every second. The caves of La Paz and La Viña in Ortigosa de Cameros, are a beautiful example of the delicate work carried out in them by nature, they are part of the subterranean heritage of La Rioja.


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Biosphere Reserve of La Rioja

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Doing tourism in the biosphere reserve of La Rioja means visiting a paleontological site from the Peladillo era or an Icnitas archaeological site, it means hiking following the paths that link each village, each hermitage, each mountain, or simply it means getting closer to the valleys of Leza, Jubera, Cidacos and Alhama to contemplate the marvellous mantle of stars that covers their skies.


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The Wine Route

Tourism in La Rioja 8 essential places and routes


Wine tourism could not be absent in this land of great wines that offers its visitor not only its important wines, but also the immersion in the culture of wine. Visits to hundred-year-old wineries and important thematic museums such as the Culture of Wine, are mixed with walks among the vineyards, the wine presses and the guardaviñas. To contemplate the Riojan landscape from the hermitage of San Felices or from Davalillo Castle is to lose yourself in the sea of vineyards that surround them.


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Route of the charming villages of La Rioja

Tourism in La Rioja 8 essential places and routes


To get lost in its streets, to enjoy its traditions and gastronomy, to feel the kindness of its people, are great values that are treasured by the towns and cities of La Rioja that come to add to their different particularities. Villages that preserve their medieval character like Briones or San Vicente de la Sonsierra, others that mix nature, modernity and roots like Ezcaray or San Román de Cameros. There are those who are loved and known by pilgrims on the Way of Saint James in La Rioja such as Navarrete, Nájera or Santo Domingo de la Calzada.  They also stand out for their numerous colony of storks such as Alfaro, or for their traditional espadrilles such as Cervera del Río Alhama, or for the quality of their footwear such as Arnedo or their thermal waters such as Arnedillo.


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This is more than a small sample that undoubtedly can have different proposals, many of them you can also find in Senditur.


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