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Your Way of Saint James begins where you want to start it, there is the custom of assuming as obligatory the starting and finishing points of the routes, while these offer a wide range of possibilities that we can adapt to our taste. Although in this case the end point is clearer, the beginning is not. Every day there are more and more new routes that are being recovered as pilgrimage routes, since in the past the Way began at the door of each person's house and little by little they were merged into one that reached Santiago. Today this starting point is marked by customs or by the conditions we have.

You choose where to start

The important thing is to be clear about the time we have available and how we are going to organize the stages in that period. The much desired Compostela is achieved equally by spacing the route by sections in different periods, that making all stages together, provided that the last 100 km on foot and the last 200 km if it is by bike we do them followed. Therefore, this fact does not have to condition us, if there is no difference between the pilgrims who travel the last 100 km and those who travel more than 700 km, neither does it exist if those 700 km are distributed in the short periods of freedom that the absorbing day to day leaves us.

Adjust the stages to your needs

The first stage is one of the most important, a clear example is in the French Way, the stage from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles. This stage has a special appeal and is chosen by many as a starting point, as it seems to have been assumed by almost everyone. The route that crosses the Pyrenees is one of the most demanding and beautiful, a stage that is worth doing. The great unevenness to be saved, added to the still intact forces of the pilgrims, makes the hard first ramps to be carried out with too much impetus, without realizing the distance and the unevenness that we will still have to face to reach the end of the stage and without counting on those of later days. Therefore, even having the appropriate physical preparation, it is advisable to take these first stages calmly, dosing the effort, so that these first days are not the beginning and end of our adventure.

In the case of wanting to divide the Way of Saint James into different periods, it is advisable to begin and end these in locations with good communications that will facilitate a restart. For example, the French Way is usually divided into sections that go from the capital to the capital, leaving Sarria as an intermediate point in Galicia.

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