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Did you know that... Bacurín

Located at the foot of the mountain of the same name, is a village of the parish of San Miguel de Bacurín, west of Lugo. O Hospital and San Pedro de Abaixo are villages in the parish of San Pedro de Mera, the westernmost in the council of Lugo, all three being located in the valley of Mera. The village of San Pedro de Abajo develops around the Primitive Way, being the last town in the municipality of Lugo on this Jacobean route. The parish church of San Pedro de Mera is already mentioned in writings of the year 1078. The origin of the village of O Hospital seems to be linked to the hostel, for pilgrims and walkers, that there was here. Bacurín's noble history is told in the Pazo de San Miguel, a typical Galician rural manor house surrounded by a wall in which, in the baroque arch of the entrance door, a stately coat of arms stands out. Bacurín once had a monastery.


To discover What to see in Bacurín, O Hospital and San Pedro de Abaixo?

In the middle of the Primitive Way of Saint James, on reaching Bacurín you can see the beautiful Romanesque church dedicated to Saint Michael; it was built in the 12th century and houses a baroque altarpiece from the 17th and 18th centuries. On its façade the canecillos surrounding the apse attract attention. The belfry and sacristy were added in the 17th century. Next to the church is the Saint Michael's House, which is part of the Historical-Artistic Inventory of Lugo. Going for a pleasant walk along this Jacobean path, among oaks and centenary chestnut trees you arrive at O Hospital and a little later, passing by the old school, it is San Pedro de Abaixo who leaves at the pass. The parish church of these two villages is located in San Pedro de Riba and was mentioned in the eleventh century. In the interior of the present temple the great size of the wooden choir stands out in comparison with the smallness of the church. In addition to the patron saint, the temple also has an image of San Silvestre, since in this parish he was also a highly revered saint.

O Hospital


Bacurín celebrates its patron saint festivities in honour of San Miguel at the end of September. In the parish of San Pedro de Mera the Festa da Xuventude is celebrated at the beginning of March.


According to tradition, and to paraphrase some historian, the hospital of Mera was a humble lodging, shelter and inn that was located near a purifying fountain, also known as the Hospital, in which the "yagas and purged the anguish of devout pilgrims and beggars" they were relieved before entering the interior.


In the parish of San Pedro de Mera or the Hospital as it was also known in the nineteenth century there are many houses that have names related to the Way as House A Rúa, or the House of the Chapel, which according to references was under the title of Santa Catalina and San Sebastian and could be the chapel of the pilgrim hospital.

San Pedro de Abaixo

The Legend

The Corvazal fortification and the pre-Romanesque Sanctuary of Santa Eulalia de Bóveda are located in this land strewn with forts, a few kilometres before reaching Bacurín. Legend has it that between the two there is a tunnel that communicates them, and the legend goes on to tell the story of an enchanted hen that crowed around the place known as "Do Recanto" and that on the PENA PIADOR the hen offered its concert until it felt observed and then disappeared. Would it be a sibyl incarnated in a bird of those who lived in the temple of the goddess Cibeles, today Christianized temple of Santa Eulalia de Bóveda?

Get to Bacurín, O Hospital and San Pedro de Abaixo by car

The LU-P-2901 road connects Bacurín, O Hospital and San Pedro de Abaixo with other nearby villages and Lugo.


O Hospital

San Pedro de Abaixo

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