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Did you know that... Herrán

It is located between the Sierra de Arcena to the north and the Sierra de Pancorbo to the south, next to the gorge that the river Purón has forged and which connects it, in the direction of the uninhabited Alava village of Ribera, with the Natural Park of Valderejo, already in the Basque Country. Although there are many caves in the gorge of the River Purón that may possibly date back to prehistoric times, no remains or signs have been found to show that there were settlements, except for some coins minted in the fourth century. It is known that a Roman road ran through it, which from that time and during the Middle Ages communicated the valleys of Tobalina in Burgos and Valdegovia in Alava, which gave Herrán a certain importance and even a Jewish colony settled there. But it was not until the 9th century that Herrán was mentioned in writings referring to the founding of a monastery, that of San Martín and the repopulation process of King Alfonso VIII. According to ordinances of the year 1710 in Herrán there was a hospital and the priest Pedro Ortiz de Ibarrola founded an ark of mercy. In the locality there were also several hermitages such as Nuestra Señora del Pópulo, San Roque or San Felices. In the mid-nineteenth century the town of Herrán belongs to the council of the Tobalina Valley within the judicial district of Villarcayo. In this century the War of Independence and the Carlists and later in the 20th century the Civil War were also felt in the village.


To discover What to see in Herrán?

In the village of Herrán, probably one of the oldest in the valley, the town centre of cobbled streets houses a harmonious rural architectural ensemble and interesting mansions with coats of arms, such as the arms house of the Gallego family, which dates from the first half of the 17th century, or a restored medieval tower built in tuff with Gothic wall paintings inside. In the centre of the village stands the parish church of Santa Águeda, which was built between the 16th and 17th centuries. Going for a walk in the surroundings, or going through some of the hiking routes in the area, to enjoy the gorge and the wonderful landscape in which it is immersed, you can see two bridges, perhaps Roman, and the ruins of the chapels of San Roque, El Pópulo or San Martín. All this, gorge and its entrance door, the beautiful village of Herrán, will surely delight visitors and hikers.

Fountain in Herrán


Herrán celebrates its patron saint, Santa Águeda, on 5 February.


Tradition has it that in Herrán, in the past, several brotherhoods coexisted, the Holy of Holies, the Vera Cruz, the Minerva and the Rosario.


In Herrán, one of the Arcas de Misericordia was created. Its purpose was to grant loans in grain to poor people in order to promote and strengthen peasant work. The loans of these Arcas, free of interest, had certain conditions such as that of repaying the loan in a stipulated time or at the time of harvesting, at the same time that the Arcas also appear the deposits of grain, which did apply a small monetary interest on the loan.

Parish Church of Santa Águeda in Herrán

The Legend

It is said that in the year 852 a group of venerable men led by the abbot Pablo, descended steep and broken slopes cut by the falls and waterfalls of the river Purón and founded in the place known as Pontecerzi and years later as Focecerci, Puentes and Hoces, the church of San Martín de Herrán. This happened under the mandate of Rodericus Comite in Castilla... "...Done the writing in the IV day of the nonas of July of the era 890, reigning Rodrigo, count in Castile..."


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Get to Herrán by car

To get to Herrán we can do it from Miranda de Ebro following the BU-530 road that joins this city with Trespaderne, and then take the BU-532 after passing through Barcina del Barco or Quintana Martínez Galindez depending on whether we arrive from Miranda de Ebro or Trespaderne respectively. It is in this road BU-532 where we will find the accesses that lead to Herrán from Promediano or from La Revilla de Herrán. Also this same BU-532 communicates Herrán with the road that joins Trespaderne with Bilbao at the height of La Orden. Once there, access to Herrán is forbidden for vehicles of non-residents, so we will have several parking areas. The first and largest one is located as soon as you arrive in the town. From here a road starts that crosses the river Purón and borders Herrán, taking us without further detours to the small car park just where the road ends, at the very gates of Herrán.

By bus

The nearest bus stop to Herrán is about five kilometres from the town, in the town of Quintana Martín Galíndez, where the services that cover the Briviesca-Barcina del Barco and Villarcayo-Miranda de Ebro routes arrive.

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3:10 h.10.4 km.

Gorge of the Purón River
Difficulty-ModerateRed difficulty category, level 1. More demanding courses, either because they are longer, more uneven or have a specific difficulty.

0:30 h.1.5 km.

Walk of the Molinar
Difficulty-LowGreen difficulty category, level 2. Short walks, with little slope and without difficulties.

1:00 h.4 km.

Walk of the Oca
Difficulty-LowGreen difficulty category, level 2. Short walks, with little slope and without difficulties.

2:45 h.8.8 km.

Pancorbo Gorge
Difficulty-MediumGreen difficulty category, level 3. Excursions of moderate distance and gradient, not exceeding large distances or gradients.
Natural Park of Valderejo
Lalastra, Álava - Araba
Natural Park of Valderejo

It is the smallest of the natural parks of Alava.

Tower-Palace of the Varona family
Villanañe, Álava - Araba
Tower-Palace of the Varona family

According to historians, Alava's best-preserved fortified complex

Salted Valley of Añana
Salinas de Añana, Álava - Araba
 Salted Valley of Añana

Landscape with thousands of years of history

Fortress of Santa Engracia
Pancorbo, Burgos
Fortress of Santa Engracia
The Salt Flats of Poza de la Sal
Poza de la Sal, Burgos
The Salt Flats of Poza de la Sal
Monastery of Santa María de Rioseco
Manzanedo, Burgos
Monastery of Santa María de Rioseco

One of the most beautiful ruins of Merindades

Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Holm oak
Artziniega, Álava - Araba
Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Holm oak
Sanctuary of Our Lady of Gold
Zuya/Zuia, Álava - Araba
Sanctuary of Our Lady of Gold
Hermitage of San Felices de Bilibio
Haro, La Rioja
Hermitage of San Felices de Bilibio

An emblematic place where devotion and tradition come together

Natural Monument of Ojo Guareña
Merindad de Sotoscueva, Burgos
Natural Monument of Ojo Guareña

The largest karstic complex in caves on the Peninsula Ibérica

Gorbea Natural Park
Areatza, Vizcaya - Bizkaia
Gorbea Natural Park

The largest Natural Park in the País Vasco

Wine Culture Museum
Briones, La Rioja
Wine Culture Museum

Where the universe of wine becomes visible

Otzarreta Beech Forest
Zeanuri, Vizcaya - Bizkaia
Otzarreta Beech Forest
Hermitage of Saint Mary of the Pool
San Vicente de la Sonsierra, La Rioja
Hermitage of Saint Mary of the Pool
Puras de Villafranca Mining Complex
Puras de Villafranca, Burgos
Puras de Villafranca Mining Complex

Manganese mines whose exploitation is probably one of the oldest in Spain

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