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Did you know that... La Faba/A Faba


Where the Way of Saint James passes, it is a small village at the end of the Valcarce Valley going up towards El Cebreiro. It was already mentioned in the 13th century under the names of Villa Oxa, Villa de Urz or Villa Us.



La Faba/ A Faba

To discover What to see in the La Faba/A Faba?


The houses of La Faba are placed on a steep slope on the slope of the Traviesa mountain. At the entrance to the village is the church of San Andrés, dating from the 16th century and rebuilt in the 18th century, in which two styles are mixed: Renaissance and Baroque. You can also see some typical haystacks of the area, whose construction may date from the nineteenth century. Going up towards La Faba from Vega de Valcarce, a small medieval bridge plays hide-and-seek among the vegetation. Interesting is undoubtedly the correidoira at the exit of La Faba walking towards O Cebreiro, are 250 meters of well-preserved Roman road. From La Faba you can also enjoy beautiful panoramic views. 




La Faba celebrates its festivities in summer with no fixed date, although its patron saint festivities are in honour of San Andrés.



Church of San Andrés in La Faba/A Faba



In the church of La Faba the parish priest of O Cebreiro celebrates an ecumenical prayer with pilgrims of different religions, such as Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists or Muslims.




Next to the church of La Faba on its right side are many pilgrim graves, the neighbors of the place were buried on the left side.


The Legend


History remembers, with the testimony of a plaque, how it was in this place where a group of German walkers died of plague.



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Get to La Faba by car


We can get to La Faba from O Cebreiro passing by La Laguna de Castilla or from the N-VI, more specifically taking the detour that we will find in the stretch that goes from La Portela de Valcarce to Pedrafita do Cebreiro and that reaches La Faba passing by Las Herrerías de Valcarce.


By bus


There are several bus service lines that connect Pedrafita do Cebreiro with Lugo and Ponferrada every day of the week at different times. From Pedrafita do Cebreiro to La Faba the distance is covered by taxi services.




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8:05 h.28 km.

Stage 22 Villafranca del Bierzo-O Cebreiro
Difficulty-HighRed difficulty category, level 3. Mountain stages in not very steep terrain, in which there are no major technical difficulties. They need sufficient experience and training for this type of terrain. These are fairly "easy" itineraries with gentle slopes, for the usual mountain routes.

5:20 h.23 km.

Stage 21 Ponferrada-Villafranca del Bierzo
Difficulty-MediumGreen difficulty category, level 3. Stages of moderate distance and slope, not overcoming great distances or slopes.
Sanctuary of Santa María la Real Do Cebreiro
O Cebreiro, Lugo
Sanctuary of Santa María la Real Do Cebreiro
Monastery of Santa María de Carracedo
Carracedo del Monasterio, León
Monastery of Santa María de Carracedo

Benedictine monastery and Royal Palace of the Leonese monarchy

Abbey of Samos
Samos, Lugo
Abbey of Samos

Samanos, meaning place where religious live in community

The Medulas
Carucedo, León
The Medulas

In the Dorado of the Roman Empire

Castle of Ponferrada
Ponferrada, León
Castle of Ponferrada

Castle of the Templars, the most representative construction of Ponferrada

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La Faba/A Faba, León
See accommodation in La Faba/A Faba

La Faba/A Faba, León

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La Faba/A Faba, León
See things to do in La Faba/A Faba

La Faba/A Faba, León

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