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Did you know that... Legutio?

Located to the north of Álava, opposite the Urrúnaga reservoir, on the border between the Llanada Alavesa with the Señorío de Vizcaya, Legutio, together with the population centres of Elosu, Goiain, Nafarrate, Ollerías, Urbina and Urrúnaga, it forms part, being its capital, of the municipality of the same name, the smallest of the Cuadrilla de Gorbeialde. During the 13th and 14th centuries, many royal villas were founded in Álava, Legutio being one of them. According to document, the king Alfonso XI of Castilla in the year of 1333 gives it the title of Villa Real and knowing it as Villa Real de Legutiano it was walled and its inhabitants were granted the exemption of tributes during 10 years, as well as the celebration of free markets of taxes on Wednesdays. It was a lordship town from the 14th century until the 17th century, when it was once again a royal estate. Legutio has been the scene of considerable warfare. The Carlist Wars, the War of Independence, the Spanish Civil War... Today Legutio is a town in expansion to which the small industries that have settled there have contributed, its proximity to Vitoria, and the beautiful surroundings in which it is located.


To discover What to see in Legutio?

Entering the villa through the old portal with the double arch of the surrounding walls and the only vestige of them, the Arch of Christ, makes us imagine the urban structure of the former medieval villa. Strolling through its streets is like admiring large houses built in typical Basque architecture and discovering the ancient Romanesque church of San Blas from the 14th century, almost completely rebuilt in the 20th century, except for the Renaissance tower and façade. In Legutio, surrounded by the reservoirs of Urrúnaga and Albina that offer the visitor nautical activities, and on its banks, beautiful recreational areas where you can spend a spectacular day in contact with nature, hiking enthusiasts will undoubtedly approach the top of Mount Albertia, A natural viewpoint where you can enjoy all the magnificent panoramic views from it, or go through the stages of Gr 25, Tour of the Llanada and GR 38, the Wine and Fish Route that passes through Legutio and will take you to the southern slopes of the Gorbeia Natural Park or to the remote Albina reservoir and the Mirugain pollard forests.

Church of San Blas in Legutio


Legutio celebrates its patron saint festivities in honour of San Blas on the 3rd of February and the Sunday following the 8th of September, the day of the Virgen de la Natividad are the Festivities of the Cofradías.


In Legutio during the Christmas festivities, and according to an ancestral tradition, a Kalerre is burned, name with which Gabonzuio or Christmas trunk is known in the village. Its ashes, to which magical properties were attributed, were scattered in stables, orchards and lands to protect the cattle and the future harvests during the winter.


The Urrúnaga dam, built in the early 1950s, reservoirs the waters of the river Santa Engracia, a tributary of the Zadorra. The construction of the reservoir, called Urrúnaga, Santa Engracia or Legutio, radically changed the landscape of the municipality, and although none of the villages that compose it was submerged, a large part of the surface of the municipality of Legutio was flooded by water. This reservoir now supplies the urban areas of Vitoria-Gasteiz and Bilbao.

Arch of Christ in Legutio

The Legend

In a land of legends, magical corners, mountains and forests that are home to emblematic and mysterious characters, the stories of stories lived, real or dreamed, are listened to with avid curiosity and attention. Once upon a time, on a mountain near Legutio lived a creature that day by day watched over the well-being and safety of the people who, with the intention of earning their living, came to their domains to work. In the morning they had to leave their bag and a portion of their own food in a hole and when the working day was over they had to pick it up. Not surprisingly, when they arrived home they found that the food they had humbly left for the sustenance of this kind creature had increased in quantity and quality, and in the heat of the fire and while the family enjoyed dinner, the lumberjack recounted the facts and thanked them for this magical gift.


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Get to Legutio by car

Legutio is located on the N-240 that connects Vitoria with Bilbao through the port of Barazar. Other roads also reach Legutio that connect it with Aramaio and Arrasate/Mondragón, and with Durango.

By bus

Legutio has a bus service that covers the Legutio-Vitoria route daily and at different times.

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