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Did you know that... Lestedo

Together with the places and houses of Portos, Os Valos, A Brea and O Rosario among others, form the parish of Lestedo belonging to the council of Palas de Rei in the province of Lugo. All of them make beads of the rosary that the Way of Saint James threshes before entering Palas de Rei. The area abounds with archaeological remains that speak of ancient population centres, such as the castro of Sucastro in Lestedo, but the history of the place left its mark when in the Middle Ages the Jacobean Way was sowing its route of Romanesque churches, pilgrim hospitals ... it is known that this stretch of the Way was protected since the twelfth century by the knights of the Order of Santiago. Lestedo had a hospital for pilgrims which was promoted by the Ulloa family.

Pilgrims as they pass through Lestedo

To discover What to see in Lestedo, Portos, Os Valos, A Brea and O Rosario?

In Lestedo its simple church of popular construction dedicated to Santiago, surrounded by the cemetery, and a beautiful transept accompany the walker for a few metres. The last village before arriving at Palas de Rey is O Rosario, from whose height you can see the silhouette of the Pico Sacro on clear days.


Tradition has it that at the high of the Rosary, at the first glimpse of the Sacred Peak, antechamber of the city of Compostela, the pilgrims, as a sign of joy for having been able to arrive here and having the end of their journey so near, prayed this prayer, and hence the name of this place.

The villages of Portos, Os Valos, A Brea and O Rosario

The Legend

Legend has it that many, many years ago, when Santiago's disciples brought his martyred body by sea to Galician lands, they went to ask for help from Queen Lupa, a rich pagan widow who at that time was the lady of these places, so that she would leave them a place to bury the Saint. The queen, with the intention of removing them from the middle, sent them to the Sacred Peak, formerly called Illicino Mountain, telling them that there they could take two oxen for the transport of the body, but she knew that they were not oxen but brave bulls. On the way, a huge and dangerous snake came out, and they defeated it with the sign of the cross. Once on the mountain, when they went to catch the bulls, they approached them docilely and let them put the yoke on, then placed them to pull the cart and thus be able to transport the body of the apòstol to Mount Libredón in Compostela where they gave him burial. Faced with these miraculous events, Queen Lupa converted to Christianity.

Get to Lestedo, Portos, Os Valos, O Rosario and A Brea by car

Lestedo, Portos, and Os Valos can be accessed from Hospital da Cruz on the N-540 between Lugo and Orense, this road reaches them after having passed through Ventas de Narón, A Prebisa and Ligonde. Also by her but in its other sense we arrive until these villages from the N-547 that arrives at Palas de Rei after passing by O Rosario and A Brea.



Os Valos

A Brea

O Rosario

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7:45 h.28.6 km.

Stage 27 Palas de Rei-Arzúa
Difficulty-ModerateRed difficulty category, level 1. More demanding stages, either because they are longer, more uneven or have a specific difficulty.

6:20 h.24.8 km.

Stage 26 Portomarín-Palas de Rei
Difficulty-ModerateRed difficulty category, level 1. More demanding stages, either because they are longer, more uneven or have a specific difficulty.

5:45 h.22.3 km.

Stage 25 Sarria-Portomarín
Difficulty-MediumGreen difficulty category, level 3. Stages of moderate distance and slope, not overcoming great distances or slopes.
Museum Fortress of San Paio de Narla
Castronela, Lugo
Museum Fortress of San Paio de Narla

One of the oldest castles in the province of Lugo

Abbey of Samos
Samos, Lugo
Abbey of Samos

Samanos, meaning place where religious live in community

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