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Did you know that... Mosteiro

Senande, Pena da Galiña and Ferreira, which are part of the parish of Ferreira de Negral; Xende, in the parish of San Salvador de Ribeira and A Leboreira, in the parish of Augas Santas, are located to the north of the municipality of Palas de Rei to which they belong, within the Region of Ulloa, famous for its cheeses, to the north-west of the province of Lugo. The history of the area is closely linked to the castreña culture, faithful witnesses of prehistoric settlements are the many archaeological remains that are preserved, mámoas, dolmens, castros ... The Ferreira bridge is a faithful example of the Roman period, the place where the Ponte Martiae of the Via XIX of the Itinerario de Antonino was located, a Roman road that became the Primitive Way, and which communicated numerous towns in the northwest of the peninsula.


To discover What to see in Mosteiro, Senande, Pena da Galiña, Ferreira, Xende and A Leboreira?

Beautiful landscapes of the Region of Ulloa, pastures and fields of harvest, in a land imminently cattle, furrowed by small population centers like Xende, with their houses flanking the Way, hórreos with walls of brick and houses with roofs of slate. Near the church is Castro Groduín and two mamoas known as Castronelas. Senande, Pena da Galiña, Mosteiro, whose name seems to come from the fact that these lands and the church were the property of the nearby monastery of Vilar de Donas, in addition, in the spot where stands among tree the parish church of San Martiño, of Romanesque origin but with important reforms throughout history, there was a pilgrims' hospital. Ferreira with its Roman bridge that crosses the waters of the Ferreira river, the place is known as Ponte Ferreira, without forgetting A Leboreira, where the typical, until now, slate roofs of the houses give prominence to those of red tile.



Xende, Senande, Pena da Galiña, Mosteiro, Ferreira and A Leboreira take part in the celebrations that take place in the council of Palas de Rei, San Tirso on 28 January, San Cristóbal, the first Sunday in July and the Eccehomo in mid-September.

A Leborerira


Tradition has it that the monastery of Vilar de Donas was inhabited by enigmatic nuns, women painted in Gothic paintings. The monastery may have been occupied at first by female relatives of whom the writings say he was the founder, Arias Pérez de Monterroso, and was linked first to the order of the Temple and then to that of Santiago.



A Leboreira is a crossroads, the Primitive Way and the historical and old way that linked Betanzos to Ourense.

Pena da Galiña

The Legend

In Mosteiro, shortly before Ponte Ferreira, the two alternatives that the Primitive Way presents here, the variant of the legendary Roman road and the official road that comes from Vilamaior de Negral, come together.


Get to Xende, Senande, Pena da Galiña, Mosteiro, Ferreira and A Leboreira by car

The LU-P-2901 road connects the villages of Xende, Senande, Pena da Galiña, Mosteiro, Ferreira and A Leboreira with other nearby villages and places, as well as with Lugo and Palas de Rei.

By bus

The nearest bus service to Xende, Senande, Pena da Galiña, Mosteiro, Ferreira and A Leboreira is located in the nearby Palas de Rei, where different bus services connect it with Santiago, Lugo, Orense, A Coruña and Bilbao. The bus stop is next to the town hall.




Pena da Galiña


A Leboreira

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Museum Fortress of San Paio de Narla
Castronela, Lugo
Museum Fortress of San Paio de Narla

One of the oldest castles in the province of Lugo

Abbey of Samos
Samos, Lugo
Abbey of Samos

Samanos, meaning place where religious live in community

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