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Did you know that... O Pedrouzo

Together with San Antón and many other villages form the parish of Santa Eulalia de Arca in the council of O Pino, southeast of the province of La Coruña, in the center of Galicia. From O Pedrouzo, and following the Jacobean route, one arrives at San Antón, which is a village located in a valley that the waters of the river Brandelos have formed in its flow towards the Ulla. The next village is O Amenal, which is preceded by a beautiful carballeira. Although the area was inhabited by craftsmen since ancient times, there are countless archaeological remains from the Celtic period and the Romans also left their mark.

O Pedrouzo

To discover What to see in O Pedrouzo, San Antón and O Amenal?

In O Pedrouzo and its surroundings you can enjoy very attractive corners, roads, paths and river walks that delight both locals and foreigners. Other places are linked to stately and historic buildings in which the coat of arms of the family lineage is present. The parish church of Santa Eulalia de Arca, the rector's house, the beautiful hórreo and the small houses around it form one of these beautiful corners. The church was destroyed by a great fire at the end of the 19th century. The village of San Antón takes its name from a chapel that existed centuries ago in the place and in O Amenal a castro and La Vía romana XIX, today converted into a hiking route, speak of their past.


O Pedrouzo celebrates Santa Eulalia in December. Corpus Christi is celebrated on the Sunday following the day on which this variable feast falls. And on 29 June it celebrates, including a pilgrimage, San Pedro. The first weekend of August O Pedrouzo hosts the festivity of the Cock Piñeiro and Mostra Caballar.

Parish Church of Santa Eulalia de Arca in O Pedrouzo


In O Pedrouzo it is a tradition that in Carnival the filloas de rixós are tasted, also known as chicharrones, the famous gastronomic pleasure of the area.


The first weekend in August, O Pedrouzo celebrates the Festivity of the Cock Piñeiro and Caballar Exhibition, a Festival of Tourist Interest in Galicia, in which Galician culture and gastronomy are present and where the species of the Cock Piñeiro, with roots in Celtic times, shares the limelight with the best mares and horses of pure Galician race. The celebration is completed with a Celtic Fair in which the neighbours, dressed for the occasion, represent and commemorate their ancestors and their artisan professions.

Hórreo in O Pedrouzo

The Legend

The church of Santa Eulalia houses a curious scallop-shaped altar. And it is said that at the beginning of the 19th century, during the War of Independence, Napoleon's troops took refuge in its atrium on their way to Santiago.

Get to O pedrouzo, O Amenal and San Antón by car

O Pedrouzo, as well as O Amenal, can be reached via the N-547 that joins it with Santiago de Compostela and Lugo. You can also get to O Pedrouzo from the N-634, taking the road that leads to the town at A Tarroeira. You will find the access road to San Antón as soon as you leave O Pedrouzo in the direction of Santiago de Compostela.

By bus

O Pedrouzo has a metropolitan bus service every day of the week that connects it with nearby towns and Santiago. Also the regular transport service that covers the route Santiago-Lugo every day of the week and at different times, has a stop in O Pedrouzo. The bus stop is on the Avenue of Santiago.

By train

The closest train station to O Pedrouzo is Santiago de Compostela.

By airplane

The nearest airport is Lavacolla in Santiago.

O Pedrouzo

San Antón

O Amenal

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O Amenal
San Antón
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5:10 h.19.5 km.

Stage 29 O Pedrouzo-Santiago de Compostela
Difficulty-MediumGreen difficulty category, level 3. Stages of moderate distance and unevenness, not overcoming either great distances or unevenness.

4:55 h.19.6 km.

Stage 28 Arzúa-O Pedrouzo
Difficulty-MediumGreen difficulty category, level 3. Stages of moderate distance and unevenness, not overcoming either great distances or unevenness.

7:45 h.28.6 km.

Stage 27 Palas de Rei-Arzúa
Difficulty-ModerateRed difficulty category, level 1. More demanding stages, either because they are longer, more uneven or have a specific difficulty.
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