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Did you know that... Villamoros de Mansilla

In the heart of the Way of Saint James, between Mansilla de las Mulas and Puente Villarente, it is a small town in León whose agricultural production is favoured by the confluence of the fertile plains of the rivers Esla and Porma. Villamoros de Mansilla was already mentioned in 1173 as belonging to the alfoz of Villalquite, although possibly there was a settlement in the area in the tenth century, because in the document of repopulation of Mansilla de las Mulas granted by King Ferdinand II already mentioned. It is currently part of the Mansilla Mayor Town Hall.

Villamoros de Mansilla

To discover What to see in Villamoros de Mansilla?

Among the houses of Villamoros de Mansilla stands out its parish church dedicated to San Esteban. It is a construction of the XVI and XVII centuries that keeps in its interior some painted tables, with images of Santiago Matamoros and of the Calvary, of the XVI century. The church has a closed portico and its tower is square. Near the temple, you can also see an old stately home, emblazoned with the coat of arms of the Lords of Prado and Miranda, from the eighteenth century. Situated on a hill is, very close to the village, the ruins of what was the city, first Astur and then Roman, of Lancia. It is accessed by a dirt road that is shortly before arriving at Villamoros coming from Mansilla de las Mulas..


Villamoros de Mansilla celebrates its festivities on the first weekend of September in honour of the Immaculate Conception, having been transferred from 8 December. It also celebrates San Esteban.​

Parish Church of San Esteban in Villamoros de Mansilla


In Villamoros de Mansilla there is a fountain where tradition says that its waters have medicinal and healing properties. Another deeply-rooted tradition in the village is the dinner celebrated by its inhabitants on Mondays after festivities and in which the formerly tasty delicacy was garlic soups and potatoes with meat.


Between Villamoros de Mansilla and the town of Puente Villarente, the wide bed of the river Porma forced to build a long bridge, with eighteen eyes, which in the twelfth century was considered one of the largest, and attracts attention for its strange curved shape..

The Legend

Legend has it that the Asturian-Roman city of Lancia was the forerunner of the city of León.

Get to Villamoros de Mansilla by car

Villamoros de Mansilla is in the middle of the N-601, in the section between León and Mansilla de las Mulas.

By bus

The village has a bus service and a stop in the same village, which links it daily, at different times depending on the day, with León. Also the Junta de Castilla y León offers the possibility of requesting the service of Transport to the Demand to move from Villamoros to Mansilla de las Mulas, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays by calling 900 204 020.

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