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The GR 93 Sierras de La Rioja bids farewell to the Alhama valley


The last stage of the GR 93, or the first as the case may be, which takes us from the Alhama valley to the border between La Rioja and Aragon, crossing the Alcarama mountain range. We are surrounded by a landscape that is very different from that of the mountains of the Sierra de La Demanda. A landscape that is undoubtedly characteristic of this part of La Rioja, the final climax of this GR 93 section 10 Cervera del río Alhama-Valverde, which runs under the watchful eye of a nearby colossus, the Moncayo.




From Cervera del río Alhama to Valdegutur 8 Km


The waymarks of the GR 93 lead us through Cervera del río Alhama (0h 00min), from the square where the town hall is located. Almost immediately we meet the road that comes from Baños de Fitero, which we go uphill for a few metres, crossing it to change direction and enter the town again. Just before crossing the river Alhama again, the GR 93 marks make us turn off and go up a narrow street that finally takes us out of the town. This part of the route coincides with the marks and the route of the Path Green of the Alhama, in its course towards Aguilar del río Alhama. We leave behind the town from where we set off to go up the course of the river Alhama, dotted with vegetable gardens.


Almost without realising it, we reach the point where we have to say goodbye to this comfortable path and take the path that starts on our left.

This path takes us up the mountainside, although it quickly meets a path. We continue ascending, but when we reach the first bend in the path we have the option of turning off onto a path that starts on the left, and thus avoid the long bend in the path. After a while, the path returns us to the path and we continue along it until we reach another sharp bend where we say goodbye to the path for good. A long stretch awaits us ahead, crossing the occasional ravine until we reach a ravine where we will face another uphill stretch. At the end of this ascent we will find the path that we must follow until we reach a crossroads. Once there, follow the track on the right that will take you straight to the Valdegutur road after a while. This road is reached shortly after crossing another ravine, whose riverbed is usually dry. When you reach the road the GR 93 marks make you turn right again to walk the distance to Valdegutur on asphalt (2h 05min).​




From Valdegutur to Valverde 4.4 Km


But before reaching the town, just after passing the hermitage of San Joaquín, we leave the road to continue along the path on our left that runs parallel to it. The GR 93 markings quickly make us change direction again, leaving Valdegutur behind us. As soon as we cross the Añamaza riverbed, a new stretch of ascent awaits us, which we start by leaving on our right the turning that, in 5 minutes, will take us to the Añamaza reservoir. We will continue at all times gaining altitude without leaving our dirt track at any of the crossroads we pass.


Once at the top, we will start to lose part of the height we have gained, following the path that is guiding us on this part of the route at all times.


After passing by the cemetery, our path turns into an asphalted track that takes us to the road that comes from Cervera del río Alhama. Just before reaching the road we have the possibility of taking a shortcut, leaving the asphalted track, which saves us a few metres. When you reach the road, follow it into the town. Although it quickly seems as if we are leaving the village, nothing could be further from the truth, as the road takes us out of this part of the village to take us to the main centre of Valverde (3h 15 min). The GR 93 reaches its end point after crossing the railway tracks, or what is left of them, and meets the N-113 national road as it passes through Valverde.




Waypoints of the route

1-Cervera del río Alhama 0h 00min 520 m 0 km 30T 586857 4651133
2-Valdegutur 2h 05min 555 m 8 Km 30T 590897 4647523
3-Valverde 3h 15min 605 m 12,4 Km 30T 594304 4648328

Coordinates UTM Datúm WGS84


Slope acumulate. 835 m  Slope positive. 445 m  Slope negative. 390 m


Maximum altitude. 730 m   Minimum altitude. 520 m


Profile of the route

Profile of the Route GR 93 Section 10 Cervera del río Alhama-Valverde



Topographical map of the GR 93 stage Cervera del Río Alhama-Valverde

ico IGN


This schematic with the path is approximate and has been created from the derived cartographic base © Instituto Geográfico Nacional  "Cuadrante 281-4 y 319-2 1:25.000".



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Contrebia Leucade
Aguilar del Río Alhama, La Rioja
Contrebia Leucade
Monastery of Santa María la Real de Fitero
Fitero, Navarra
Monastery of Santa María la Real de Fitero

First Cistercian monastery to be established in Spain

Castle of Cornago
Cornago, La Rioja
Castle of Cornago

The Castle of the Four Towers or Castle of the Moon


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Cervera del Río Alhama


Cervera del Río Alhama, La Rioja



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The vast majority of the GR93 Sierras de La Rioja stages run through natural areas belonging to the Natura 2000 Network, without forgetting, of course, that some stages also cross part of a natural area included in the La Rioja Biosphere Reserve.


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The panoramic views that you can enjoy from the viewpoint that you will find shortly after leaving Cercera del río Alhama. This viewpoint can be reached by following a small detour that ascends from the same route as the GR 93 and the Path Green of the Alhama.


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