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Greenway of El Cortijo, the whims of the river Ebro


The great meander that the river Ebro draws as it passes through El Cortijo, has given rise to a unique space formed by the typical fluvial plains, home to a large representation of various species of flora and fauna. The old railway line between Castejón and Bilbao, forced by the morphology of the terrain and the interposition of the district of El Cortijo, traced a wide curve following the limits marked by the flow of the river. Today this railway line crosses the area thanks to a modern tunnel, leaving the part of the route that ran through the meander in disuse. Turned into a pleasant walk, this section allows us to enjoy the variety and rich landscape of this area of La Rioja near Logroño and bordering Euskadi, which the Ebro makes a natural border. 

Greenway of El Cortijo



The greenway of El Cortijo with a total distance of 6 km, round trip, runs along the old railway enveloping El Cortijo, as in the past made so many trains that passed through this place. The green track is perfectly conditioned and, given its characteristics, free of great unevenness and with a good gravel surface and pressed zahorra, can be traveled without difficulty. The route that goes from where the old El Cortijo stop was, to the entrance of the road that arrives from Logroño, to meet again with the new railway line, past the hydroelectric dam that regulates the river bed, has a car park at both points. Being able to initiate the itinerary in both places it is more advisable to go directly to the one that is passed the locality, next to the dam since it has more space to be able to leave our vehicle and has a much more comfortable access to the green way. From this place we only have to enjoy this pleasant walk following the course of the Ebro contemplating a splendid landscape marked by the vineyards and the typical riverside orchards, observed on the horizon by Sierra Cantabria and the whitish vertical walls of the mountains that form it. 

Rest area and Sierra Cantabria

Spring surprises us with its striking colours, the white of the almond trees, the greens of the vineyards and the crops or the reds and roses of the poppies and the correhuelas that gather on both sides of the route. Autumn gives us the spectacular landscape offered by the vines with the great variety of yellows, reds and copper, together with the different species typical of the Mediterranean climate such as carrasca and oak groves. The winter, thanks to the proximity of Sierra Cantabria, sometimes gives us the chance to contemplate the Sleeping Lion or the Joar, among others, covered with snow. The meander is the ideal habitat for partridges, hares or black kites, as well as other species that use this place as a transit point in their migrations. Before reaching the point where the El Cortijo stop used to be, just where the greenway enters the trench bordering the neighbourhood, there is the other access point to the route. In this place we will have the possibility of taking a detour to get to know the remains of the old Mantible Bridge.

The Ebro at the beginning of the meander

This small variant lengthens the total route in a scarce 4,5 km, round trip, introducing us more in the meander until the place where the remains of this old and famous point of passage of the Ebro are located. This part outside the greenway is not conditioned and runs along the tracks that serve as access to the different farms that extend along the meander, being able even if we know the terrain to return by them to the hydroelectric plant following the path known as the Path of the Meander.

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The Legend

Prisoners the twelve pairs of France, in lands of Spain, by the Moors, Charlemagne, with a great army, enters Spain to free them. On his way he found a mighty river that could only be crossed by a large marble bridge, with thirty arches, called Mantible, guarded by two square towers, also made of marble, and defended by a frightful and enormous giant, called Galafré, which demanded from Christians who crossed it some very high rights, under penalty of life. Charlemagne had among his ranks another giant, Fierabrás, whom he ordered to fight with Galafré. Fierabrás defeated Mantible's guardian, making it possible for Charlemagne's army to cross the famous bridge, being able to go to the aid of the twelve pairs and free them.



How to get to




To get to El Cortijo once we are in Logroño we must go towards the popularly known as Cuarto Puente de Logroño, on the road that leads to the Alava town of Laguardia. On the south bank of the river, at the beginning of this bridge begins the road that will take us to the town of El Cortijo, this road is known as the El Cristo road, passing by a hermitage of the same name. Continuing along this road we reach El Cortijo, once there and just before entering the town we will see, in the middle of a curve, on our right a sign indicating the detour to follow to reach the small car park where we can leave our vehicle, to start the journey in the vicinity of the old halt. This car park is before a bridge over the greenway, to which we can descend by an asphalt track that begins on the left just cross to the other side, finding a fence that prevents vehicles from entering the greenway and on one side a narrow pass where to enter the route. If, on the other hand, we prefer to start on the other side, we will have to leave this first sign behind to enter the town following the streets that allow us to move in the direction of our march until we reach a small landscaped square, next to the church, where we will see another sign indicating the street that will take us out of El Cortijo. Passing by the municipal swimming pools and following the asphalted track between vineyards, we will leave a couple of crosses on our left to descend a steep slope parallel to the new train route. At the end of the descent we will see a small tunnel and on the right a short track that ascends to the large car park where we can leave the vehicle and start the journey.


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Pet area, hiking with my dog



Precious itinerary without complications, for good firm and in full nature to little distance of the great city, ideal for a pleasant stroll.

Without shade at any time the distance of the journey would not have to be a problem, although not finding water points along the way, it would not be superfluous to carry a reservation especially in summer.

Concurrent walk in which we will find more than one mascot enjoying it with its owners.






Technical details of El Cortijo Greenway



Total distance. 6 Km


Total time. 1h 20min

To this time we will have to add approximately 1h more if we encourage ourselves to approach to the Bridge of Mantible.


Time of year. All year round

Spring and autumn are a visual spectacle, while winter and summer give us all their strength.


Required equipment. Nothing special

Sportswear or comfortable according to the time of year and weather conditions. You can not miss the camera, binoculars can be useful to observe in detail the nearby mountains. Sun protection and sunglasses in the summer next to the canteen with water, also come in handy.




Slope acumulate. 18 m   Slope positive.10 m Slope negative. 8 m


Difficulty. Adapted



Practically on flat terrain this section of the route is perfectly conditioned and has a road surface in very good condition. The short distance of the route added to the almost null unevenness makes this route suitable for all audiences.



Absent of complications, the only one but that we could put him is the part of way that crosses the trench where the walls of this one have suffered some that another collapses.



The route does not have any loss to be embedded in the old railway line, complications can come to find the departure points.


Important places to pass through

1-Parking 0h 00min 410 m 0 Km 30T 538917 4703491
2-Parking 0h 30min 415 m 2,3 Km 30T 539329 4704986

Coordinates UTM Datum WGS84


Profile of the route

Profile of the Greenway of El Cortijo


Cartography, maps and tracks

Map of the Greenway of El Cortijo

This sketch of the route is not made to scale nor does it contain all the information relating to the area, it is merely indicative.

Topographical map with the route Greenway of El Cortijo



This schematic with the path is approximate and has been created from the derived cartographic base © Instituto Geográfico Nacional  "Cuadrante 204-1, 203-2 1:25.000".


Senditur has manipulated the tracks to correct the aberrant points that may exist, caused by problems with the reception of the GPS signal. In any case the tracks are always approximate.


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This route has been carried out on the ground by SENDITUR on 18-10-2015. The route can vary a lot depending on the time of year, the weather conditions and the terrain, as well as the actions of third parties and the evolution suffered by the natural environment where it is located. SENDITUR is not responsible for any misuse or inadequate use of the comprehensive guides of its routes and/or publications, nor for the variations for the above-mentioned reasons that could exist in their descriptions and recommends that each person be responsible and prudent in the realization of the activity. Likewise, we invite you to get information from books and specialized guides to complement the information described. All times are approximate and are for guidance only. Stops, however small, have not been taken into account. All the information related to the route, texts, images, videos, maps, diagrams, tracks, towns and places of tourist interest are published as a guide and may not coincide with the current state of each place. Before carrying out any activity, value your technical knowledge, your physical form, inform yourself about the meteorology and the variations that the route could have suffered, equip correctly, be prudent and responsible at all times, not surpassing your capacities. SENDITUR encourages you to use the new technologies within your reach, using them as support and consultation in your activity, not basing the realization and orientation of the same only and exclusively on them, since they may see their functioning altered by very diverse causes, not functioning correctly and their indications may not be precise. SENDITUR is not responsible for any misuse and/or operation of its electronic guides and recommends that everyone be responsible and prudent in carrying out the activity. All opinions, advice and/or assessments made by SENDITUR in its descriptions are subject to and/or refer to the specific conditions that SENDITUR encountered on the specific day of the performance of the tour, referring to that specific day and always taking as reference trained and experienced people, with a high level of both physical and technical preparation, as well as correctly equipped, therefore all opinions, assessments and/or advice are for guidance only. From the commitment of SENDITUR with Nature and the respect to the balance of the environment, SENDITUR urges you to travel in a responsible way, with low environmental impact and respecting at all times the Natural, Cultural and Social environment wherever you go.

Canoeists and vineyards
Hydroelectric dam
Hydroelectric power station
Mantible Bridge
Old location of the El Cortijo stop
Route of the Greenway of El Cortijo
The colorful contrast of the vineyards
The sundial
The trench of the railway track
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The Natural Way of the Ebro or GR 99 covers more than 1,200 km and consists of 42 stages arranged on both sides of the river. Travelling through all the provinces and places that the Ebro crosses from its source in Fontibre to its mouth in Riumar.


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El Mirador del Viñedo, a spectacular balcony nestled next to the Castillete tower at the top of the hill overlooking El Cortijo, in the middle of the GR-99 or Ebro Natural Path. From there you can enjoy magnificent views of the vineyards and orchards of the area along with the panoramic Sierra Cantabria.



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