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Gándara River Waterfalls, where the Rainbow is born

At the gates of the Collados del Asón Natural Park, surrounded by the steep peaks of the eastern mountain of Cantabria, practically hidden among the green meadows, flows the tireless river Gándara which, shortly after birth, rushes down the valley. The Lookout of the Gándara River Waterfalls places us suspended in the air over the great gap that the river has been forming over the years. This short route of only 320 m and totally conditioned brings us closer in an instant from the same car park where we could have left our vehicle to the nearby lookout.

Lookout of the Gándara River Waterfalls

The greenery of the meadows contrasts with the worn-out mountains that surround this beautiful spot. The spectacle offered by the Gándara River in the form of wide waterfalls through which the water seeks the bottom of the valley rivals the panoramic view also offered by this vertiginous balcony. A real window to the Gándara valley and to the peaks of the Asón Natural Park. In the town of La Gándara, where this viewpoint is located, the park's interpretation centre also awaits us, from where we can also reach the viewpoint following a short audio-guided path that starts from it. This path will allow us to soak up the different peculiarities of this land, as well as to learn how the true natural treasures it holds were formed.​

A unique natural environment

If we opt for this possibility we will not have great differences with the other option, since the interpretation center is very close to the lookout and the route is extended about 300 m more. Although initially both routes are not communicated, that is to say there is not an adapted path that one, we will only have to cross a green meadow to communicate them. The lookout, not suitable for people with vertigo, also lets us observe calmly how they have been forged around the river different urban centers and craft industries such as flour mills and blacksmiths that sought the strength of the river. A true spectacle of the nature and one of the several lookouts that the municipal term of Soba has.

Path from the Interpretation Centre of the Natural Park of the Collados del Asón

The Legend

Legend has it that many years ago two young men, he, a shepherd pretended by a powerful ajana and she, daughter of a noble lord who did not want for her such a suitor, fell madly in love. Furious for the love both young men professed, the noble lord and the powerful ajana joined forces to try to prevent such a union, but what they did was to unite them more. The powerful ajana, full of anger and spite, decided to use all her magic to definitively separate the two young men, locking them for life in caves, one on each side of the mountain. What was her surprise when the next morning, from the caves began to sprout water like mighty rivers that fall down the valley, intrigued continued its course until she found perplexed that both rivers were united in only one. The ajana understood her mistake, but it was too late because when she tried to go up the river to free the lovers, she slipped falling into its waters and drowning in the tears of the two young lovers.

How to get to La Gánadara

To get to La Gánadara we can do it following the CA-265 road from Ramales de la Victoria. Also for this same road but in opposite direction we will be able to arrive at La Gánadara from Arredondo in the CA-261, that joins Ramales de la Victoria with Solares, happening through Asón. Another option is from Espinosa de los Monteros in the nearby province of Burgos. Once there, shortly before leaving La Gándara towards Asón we will find next to the interpretation centre of the natural park of Los Collados del Asón the asphalted track that leads to the car parks where we can leave our vehicle. Also next to this detour are the downtown car parks, where we can also leave it parked.

​​Pet area, hiking with my dog

Without any complication, only the grating of the lookout is the one that can put you in more trouble, especially if you scare easily.

With several fountains in the area the water is not a problem, also allowing us to replenish the reserves we usually carry.

Other pets is usually all we can find, although the livestock is very present in these lands usually tends to be in the meadows completely fenced.

Conditioned walk up to the lookout
Gándara River Valley
Gándara River Waterfalls
Lookout of the Gándara River Waterfalls
The Park
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Roberto Ruiz
Created the 14-10-2016

Toda esa zona de Cantabria es muy bonita.

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The Gándara River, formerly known as the Soba River, suddenly gushes out of the ground under the Becerral limestone rock, next to the town of La Gándara. We can get close to the source of this river, a tributary, valley below, of the river Asón.

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The lookouts that the municipality of La Soba has, lookouts such as the Collados del Asón, the Lookout of Cailagua or the Lookout of Aja among others. A perfect tour through the magnificent landscapes that this region and the Alto Asón treasure.


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