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Routes through Logroño, the colourful carpet of the Ebro valley

The Path to El Cortijo can be found in the middle of the Ebro valley as it passes through La Rioja and more specifically in the vicinity of its capital Logroño. The itinerary crosses the fertile lands that surround the meanders that the whimsical flow of the Ebro draws, joining part of its steps with great routes, like the GR-99.

Path to El Cortijo

The path offers us a great variety of sensational and colourful landscapes, from the wide valley of the Ebro to the imposing mountains of Sierra Cantabria. This 12.2 km route starts from the district of Valdegastea in Logroño and runs through a varied and striking landscape that surprises with its colourful and excellent panoramic views. Depending on the time of the year chosen, we can find a large native fauna, as well as the characteristic crops of the area, vineyards, olive trees and almond trees, together with the flora of the place give it different attractions at each time of the year.

Sierra Cantabria and the Sleeping Lion

The itinerary on its way through the Viewpoint of Viñedo offers us the opportunity to enjoy the vision of a landscape, symbol of the identity of a land. The Ebro, Sierra Cantabria with the unmistakable Sleeping Lion and an endless number of vineyards, combined with cereal and olive crops make this viewpoint a privileged place from where to compare the different textures and colors that mark and characterize the seasons of the year. We will pass through the town of El Cortijo, with its parish church of Santa Margarita, from the 16th century, which has been of cultural interest since 1984, and its Roman bridge of Mantible, whose construction, some date back to the first half of the 2nd century in the middle of the Roman imperial period.​

The river Ebro surrounds this area of the route

Returning to Logroño, we now enjoy the other side of the route that allows us to contemplate the Iregua valley.

The Trick

From El Cortijo we can return by the same route that led us to it, saving us some time and the most demanding part of the journey, although we would miss being able to enjoy the other side of the meander that draws the river and the beautiful landscape that from the almond farm we will have of Logroño and its periphery.

How to get to

To get to Logroño by private transport, the main access roads are the AP-68, the A-12, the N-232, the N-111, the N-120 that connect Logroño with Pamplona, Soria, Zaragoza, Burgos and Vitoria. The central bus station of Logroño communicates it with the main cities of the country and at local level with the different municipalities of the community, it also has a renovated railway station and wide possibilities of destinations, we can also accede by means of the Airport Logroño-Agoncillo located in the municipal term of Agoncillo to 10 Km of Logroño. Once there we must go to the Valdegastea neighbourhood, close to the entrance to Logroño from Burgos, in the western part of the city, where we arrive following one of the two streets that border the well-known Los Enamorados park, these communicate with the Portillejo street that coming from the ring road crosses the Avenida de Burgos and goes up towards this neighbourhood. Romania Street is on the edge of the urbanized area, parallel to the main neighborhood, Fuenmayor Street.

​​Pet area, hiking with my dog

Nice walk along wide roads, mostly asphalted except for the stretch close to the viewpoint.

We will find water points in the viewpoint and in the two urban areas through which we pass.

The route starts from the usual place where the residents of the neighborhood walk their pets, it is also usual to find the native fauna during the journey and in El Cortijo we pass both the entrance and exit near agricultural pavilions with several dogs, usually these are in closed enclosures.

Description of the route of the Path of El Cortijo

From Valdegastea to the Viewpoint of the Vineyard

We begin the itinerary in the Parking of Valdegastea (0h 00min), in Logroño, leaving this district of Logroño for the street Romania, we cross part of the old road of access to the fortnights until we find to the few meters with the crossing where they converge the way of going and the one of return, occasion to decide in which direction we realize the route.

Place where the two routes begin

Continuing along the asphalted road, leaving on our left the dirt road where we will return and the other two asphalted tracks on the right that would take us to wineries, one and the other towards the road to El Cortijo, we undertake a long and inclined ascent to the hill that separates us from the valley of the Ebro.

First detour, where we will continue on the left

We reach the height of a dirt track that begins on our left and where we continue, leaving the road that accompanied us from the beginning, this path continues with the gentle ascent between hills, grain farms and carrascales, leaving to right and left all roads that come out to meet us.

Crossroads before reaching the viewpoint

The path continues passing by an olive grove to meet the GR-99, also known as the Way of the Ebro, which from Logroño continues its course joining ours a good stretch, shortly after we reach the Viewpoint of the Vineyard (0h 50min), a spectacular balcony to the valley of the Ebro and Sierra Cantabria, where we can enjoy a magnificent view.

Getting to the viewpoint of the vineyard

From the Viewpoint of the Vineyard to El Cortijo

Our route continues bordering a hill with an old tower on the top and allowing us, for the moment, to continue contemplating the wide valley until we reach the crossroads with a path that climbs to the top of this hill, and through which we will continue descending towards our next objective.

The road now leads to El Cortijo

Although we have just left the river Ebro behind, this road shows it again in front of us. Little by little we are approaching the town centre along this asphalted track, after passing by the swimming pools on our left begins a row of houses that lead us to definitely enter El Cortijo (1h 15min).

We arrived at El Cortijo

The path turns sharply to the left in the first street that we find, to change the direction of the march and return towards Logroño, surrounding this row of houses.

From El Cortijo to Valdegastea

Departure from El Cortijo. Part of the way follows the greenway

As soon as we make this sudden turn we join the Greenway of El Corijo, which begins in the small park at the beginning of the street that took us out of the town, continuing now to the other side of the houses we reach a crossroads where we turn to the left, saying goodbye to the greenway that goes straight on.

Route that the road makes between the crops

This part of the itinerary is a continuous ascent and descent between vineyards, following the main track, which is paved, we will walk through olive groves and vineyards approaching the crossroads with the path of Fuenmayor, but not before being able to contemplate the Station Neighbourhood of this nearby town and the impressive width of the Ebro in its winding course.

Our route goes out to the road of Funemayor

When you reach the crossroads with this path, turn left again to climb a short but intense ramp on the dirt road you are following.

Panoramic view of Logroño

After this ascent, the route goes along showing splendid views, on one side Sierra Cantabria with the unmistakable Sleeping Lion and on the other side the valley of Iregua, undertaking a long descent again on an asphalted track, contemplating the silhouette of Logroño until the end.

Last detour of the itinerary

Near the buildings and again to the left, we find the short dirt road that, crossing a kind of promenade, communicates us with the crossing that joins the two slopes where when arriving at it, we continue by the right, going up the section of road that separates us from the Valdegastea car park (3h 05min), where the journey ends.

Union of the two paths

Technical data sheet of the route

ico-distancia-totalDistance. 12,2Km

This figure is indicative and may not coincide with the final distance travelled.

ico-tiempo-totalTime. 3:05h

Total time without stops, if from El Cortijo we return by the same itinerary we will only save about 10min approximately.

ico-calendarioTime of year

Althoug:the route can be done at any time, it is in autumn when we can enjoy a colorful spectacle that make up the different shades of ochre of the vineyards. In spring, passing throug:an almond grove near Logroño, together wit:the greenery of the cereal fields, also makes the walk highly recommended.

ico-materialRequired equipment

Footwear and sport clothes according to the time of the year and the meteorology, sunglasses, sunscreen and canteen wit:water since from El Cortijo to Valdegastea we will not find any source. Consult our list of material and equipment for hiking. Read more.

ico-dificultadDifficulty. Medium


The steep slopes that we will find in the route are quite tended and they are surpassed wit:certain facility, the part of the route that does not pass throug:the viewpoint is the most demanding wit:a continuous rise and fall. Moreover, there are practically no shaded areas along the entire route.


The whole route goes throug:roads in good condition, most of them asphalted, the ramps that we will pass, without presenting great difficulty if they have a significant slope.


All the way is marked wit:small concrete milestones at the edge of it wit:reference 5b, we must be aware that some of these milestones is hidden by the undergrowt:or lacks the mark 5b. In addition, part of the route is shared wit:the GR-99 and the El Cortijo Greenway, so we must not get confused at the crossroads where we leave them.

Important places to pass through
1-Valdegastea car park 0:00h 422m 0Km 30T 543181 4702094
2-Viewpoint of the Vineyard 0:50h 502m 3.3Km 30T 540877 4703696
3-El Cortijo 1:15h 426m 5.1Km 30T 539478 4704474
4-Valdegastea car park 3:05h 422m 12.2Km 30T 543181 4702094

Coordinates UTM Datum WGS84

Profile of the route

Profile of the route Pat:of El Cortijo

ico-desnivel-acumuladoSlope: 494m

ico-desnivel-positivoSlope +: 247m

ico-desnivel-negativoSlope -: 247m

ico-altitud-maximaMaximum altitude: 535m

ico-altitud-minimaMinimum altitude: 410m

Cartography, maps and tracks

Map of the pat:of El Cortijo

This sketc:of the route is not made to scale nor does it contain all the information relating to the area, it is merely indicative.

Topographic map Pat:of El Cortijo

ico IGN

This schematic wit:the pat:is approximate and has been created from the derived cartographic base © Instituto Geográfico Nacional "Cuadrante 204-1 1:25.000".

Senditur has manipulated the tracks to correct the aberrant points that may exist, caused by problems wit:the reception of the GPS signal. In any case the tracks are always approximate. SENDITUR encourages you to use the new technologies within your reach, using them as support and consultation in your activity, not basing the realization and orientation of the same only and exclusively on them, since they may see their functioning altered by very diverse causes, not functioning correctly and their indications may not be precise.

Cereal fields and almond farm
Ebro Valley and Sierra Cantabria
La Grajera Park
Viewpoint of the Vineyard
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Alex López
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Que cercar de la ciudad y que paisajes tan bonitos

House of Sciences
Logroño, La Rioja
House of Sciences

Centenary of the industrial heritage building of Logroño

Castle of Clavijo
Clavijo, La Rioja
Castle of Clavijo

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Sanctuary of Our Lady of Codés
Torralba del Río, Navarra
Sanctuary of Our Lady of Codés
Monastery of Santa María la Real
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Monastery of Santa María la Real

Emblematic place that reflects the stages of history, art and culture of the area

Monastery of Yuso
San Millán de la Cogolla, La Rioja
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Monastery of Suso
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Monastery of Suso

Cradle of the Castilian and pantheon of the seven Castilian heroes

Monastery of Valvanera
Anguiano, La Rioja
Monastery of Valvanera

Location of the Virgin of Valvanera, Patron Saint of La Rioja

Paco Garcia Winery
Ctra. Ventas Blancas S/N
Murillo de Río Leza, La Rioja
Paco Garcia Winery

Ctra. Ventas Blancas S/N

Murillo de Río Leza, La Rioja



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The Mantible bridge was made up of seven semicircular arches of which only two remain standing and there are few remains of the remaining pillars. It would be the same as that of the Navarrese city of Puente la Reina and both would have been built to unite the two most important cities in the kingdom of Navarre, that is, Nájera and Pamplona.

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In the nearby park of the lovers the water tank that supplied drinking water to Logroño, which was designed by engineer Amos Salvador in the late nineteenth century, for the collection and conduction of water from the river Iregua.


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