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A great alternative to a great circular route


The community of Anguiano, Matute and Tobía, among many other attractions, has a great natural heritage. Forests and mountains hide places of great beauty that are crossed by beautiful hiking routes that allow us to visit them. The Three Villas Variant offers us the opportunity to follow a different route to the one initially proposed by the Three Villas Route, the longest of the Routes between beech forests. From almost 20 km of the initial route to just over 14 km, this variant of the Three Villas offers us an unbeatable alternative to the original route that is sure to surprise us.


Itinerary of the variant of Three Villas


From La Cubilla to Londeperro 3.2 Km


In the middle of the route of the Three Villas Route, specifically in the spot known as La Cubilla (0h 00min), in the section between the pass Cervanco and Tobía, we find the markers that mark the beginning of the variant that we are about to follow. We leave behind us the wide path that brought us here to descend the Manzanar ravine in search of the stream of Rigüelo or Matute, as it is also known. We soon find ourselves crossing this stream to continue our march along a well-defined path. We advance with the stream on our right, crossing the limits of the beech forest that surrounds it. After a while we come across the stream again and, after crossing it, begin a demanding section of the route. Fortunately, the slope soon becomes less steep as we continue ascending, leaving the stream lower and lower at every step. The path we are following takes us into the beech forest in search of the best place to cross a ravine that feeds the stream we have left behind. After crossing it, we begin another stretch of demanding ascent, leaving a path to our left with less gradient that tempts us, but which we should not follow.

After this stretch, one of the steepest, we come out onto a sheepfold that we must cross without straying too far from the line that marks the beech forest on our right.


We quickly head back into the beech forest following the route markers and the faded path covered by the leaf litter. Once again, the forest gives way to another fold where the markings lead us to cross it in search of the path to follow. You will find this path a little further up, just at the end of the beech forest that you have just crossed. This new path leads us to cut through the mountainside, leaving on our left another path that descends towards the ravine that we crossed at the beginning of the route. Our path takes us to the nearby Londechero pass, where a solitary post on the route marks the point where we must radically change direction to go up the shoulder of the mountain in search of the next path to follow. We walk along the mountainside with our sights set on our destination, Londeperro. Without losing height our path takes us to the vicinity of a watering place, an area that is usually quite muddy and where we must be careful not to skid on the rocks that precede the watering place. After passing this area we only have to walk the distance to Londeperro (1h 10min) where we join the Route of Three Villas again and where we also meet the Route of San Quiles.

Tips for doing the link of the Three Villas variant

1-If you think you may encounter muddy or wet terrain, it is best to follow the route in the direction explained.

2-Bear in mind that the distance and gradient of this variant must be added to that of the additional route that you follow, both to get there and to continue.

3-This variant can be perfectly combined with the Route of San Quiles to make a beautiful circular route.

4-The Rigüelo stream can be complicated to cross if it is swollen, but in normal conditions it should not be a problem.



Waypoints of the route

1-La Cubilla 0h 00min 880 m 0 km 30T 514826 4680432
2-Londeperro 1h 10min 1010 m 3,2 Km 30T 517188 4680966

Coordinates UTM Datúm WGS84


Slope acumulate. 283 m  Slope positive. 197 m  Slope negative. 86 m


Maximum altitude. 1010 m   Minimum altitude. 845 m


Profile of the variant of Three Villas

Profile of the variant of Three Villas


Cartography and maps

Map of the variant of Three Villas

This sketch of the route is not made to scale nor does it contain all the information relating to the area, it is merely indicative.Topographical map of the variant of Three Villas

ico IGN


This schematic with the path is approximate and has been created from the derived cartographic base © Instituto Geográfico Nacional "Cuadrante 241-1 1:25.000".






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Monastery of Valvanera
Anguiano, La Rioja
Monastery of Valvanera

Location of the Virgin of Valvanera, Patron Saint of La Rioja


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La Cubilla shares its name with the mythical Asturian mountain pass, one of the highest in the Cantabrian Mountains and famous among cycling enthusiasts for its impressive ramps.


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The panoramic views you will be able to enjoy along the route. Although most of the route runs through the interior of the beech forest, you will have several areas from where you can contemplate the beautiful scenery that surrounds you.


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