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The Waterfall of Gujuli or Goiuri at the foot of the Gorbea


Just 25 km from Vitoria, in the foothills of the Gorbea Natural Park, hidden by the colossal cliffs that the waters of the Oiardo stream have created over the years, is the Waterfall of Gujuli or Goiuri. This spectacular waterfall, with just over 100 m that makes it the second highest waterfall in the Basque Country, is one of the treasures kept by the Gorbea Natural Park.

Waterfall of Gujuli or Goiuri



The route that takes us to the viewpoint, with barely 0.9 km, is a conditioned walk that not only brings us closer to this privileged balcony, but also allows us to contemplate calmly the skirts of the symbolic Gorbea, as long as the fog does not prevent it. The strategic viewpoint offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Waterfall of Gujuli or Goiuri and its waters, which fall into the void jumping to the precipice that they themselves have created over the years. The waters of the Oiardo Creek, a tributary of the Altube River, condition the spectacular nature of this waterfall as they continue to work the rock with the clear intention of showing the small town of Goiuri to the cliff. If we look closely, we will notice the marked difference between one slope and the other of the abyss we are facing.​

Gorbea Natural Park

An eroded area, where gall oaks struggle to grow, shows the different extracts that make it up. Another, much more humid and shady, is covered by leafy beech trees, the prelude to one of the most extensive forests in the Basque Country. The neighbourhood of Goiuri, from where we can also go for a pleasant walk, crowns the top of the waterfall next to its Romanesque church, marking the end of the soft, green meadow where the waters of the stream run calmly before their colossal jump. There are many legends that speak of the formation of this waterfall and several also the different routes that the area offers and that will surely make this beautiful excursion even more interesting and entertaining.

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Viewpoint of the Waterfall of Gujuli or Goiuri



The Legend


Legend has it that a beautiful nymph inhabited these lands and had in her possession a prodigious mirror whose powers fulfilled any desire of the possessor. One day, a young shepherd discovered the nymph enjoying a pleasant bath in the waters of the Oiardo. Without thinking about it, he snatched the mirror from her and fled with it into the forest. The shepherd, motivated by his youth, began to wish for banalities that the mirror took care of fulfilling. Having been fully satisfied with his whims, he fell into a deep sleep. The nymph, already aware of her loss, found the young shepherd asleep at the edge of the stream. Seeing how the shepherd had wasted the amazing powers of the mirror on personal whims, she decided to make an example of him by asking the mirror to turn the unconscious shepherd into that word he would utter as soon as he woke up. The shepherd, even in his dreams, murmured a word and at once the imposing waterfall of Gujuli or Goiuri emerged from nowhere.



How to get to 




To get to Goiuri, we can do so by following the N-622 from Vitoria to the Altube pass, where we will take the A-2521 road towards Orduña. We can also get there from Bilbao. Another possibility is to get to Orduña either from Llodio or from Berberana in the province of Burgos. From Orduña, take the A-2521 to Goiuri. Once there, if we come from Altube, we will find, shortly before reaching Goiuri, the sign indicating the access to the parking lot at the Gujuli Waterfall or Goiuri viewpoint. If you are coming from Orduña, you will have to cross the town and continue until you reach this access point. We have a first car park where we can park our vehicle and a second car park a little further down reserved for people with reduced mobility, thus saving the stretch of track with the greatest slope.


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Pet area, hiking with my dog



This is an ideal short route for our companion, which, if we are careful not to leave the defined route, can be enjoyed without complications in the middle of nature.

With hardly any distance and physical demand the water should not be a concern, although as always it is not too much that, in this case we carry some water in the car in case he might need it.

The cattle, usually in the fenced-in meadows, and the native fauna are all that we will find on our way, unless we extend the route taking as a starting point the village where we will find some possibly loose dogs.






Technical data sheet of the route



Total distance. 0,9 Km


Total time. 0h 20min

The contemplation of this beautiful waterfall can make us stay quite long in the viewpoint, increasing this figure considerably. If we arrive from Goiuri we will have to add about 30 minutes more to the total time of the route.


Time of year. After periods of rain

Although we can come all year round to contemplate this waterfall, the flow of the river will undoubtedly make the spectacle greater the greater its intensity, which is why in times of thaw or after periods of rain, the waterfall of Gujuli or Goiuri will be at its peak.


Required equipment. Don't leave your photo camera

A little more than a comfortable shoe is what we will need to cover the distance that separates us from the viewpoint, always of course in normal conditions. The camera will be useful, as will a pair of binoculars that will allow us to calmly scrutinise the waterfall and its surroundings. Consult our list of material and equipment for hiking. Read more.




Slope acumulate. 70 m   Slope positive. 35 m   Slope negative. 35 m


Difficulty. Adapted



The unevenness is concentrated in the first 200 m of the route that separates the main car park from the car park reserved for people with reduced mobility. From this point we only have a pleasant walk along a path in very good condition and with hardly any unevenness. If we decide to take as a starting point the surroundings of the church of Goiuri, where the track that leads to the viewpoint begins, we must add approximately 1.6 km to the total distance of the route.


Severity of the environment

As long as we respect the route and do not go beyond its limits, especially in the area of the viewpoint, we should not have any complications.  



The route is well signposted and therefore leaves no room for doubt. If we come on foot from the village, the track we arrive at does not have any complications that could confuse us.


Important places to pass through

1-Parking 0h 00min 655 m 0 Km 30T 507205 4757556
2-Lookout 0h 10min 620 m 0,45 Km 30T 507329 4757876
3-Parking 0h 20min 655 m 0,9 Km 30T 507205 4757556

Coordinates UTM Datum WGS84


Profile of the route

Profile of the route of the Waterfall of Gujuli or Goiuri


Cartography, maps and tracks

Map of the route of the Waterfall of Gujuli or Goiuri

This sketch of the route is not made to scale nor does it contain all the information relating to the area, it is merely indicative.

Topographic map of the route of the Waterfall of Gujuli or Goiuri



This schematic with the path is approximate and has been created from the derived cartographic base © Instituto Geográfico Nacional  "Cuadrante 111-2, 1:25.000"



Senditur has manipulated the tracks to correct the aberrant points that may exist, caused by problems with the reception of the GPS signal. In any case the tracks are always approximate. SENDITUR encourages you to use the new technologies within your reach, using them as support and consultation in your activity, not basing the realization and orientation of the same only and exclusively on them, since they may see their functioning altered by very diverse causes, not functioning correctly and their indications may not be precise.

Road to the viewpoint
Waterfall of Gujuli or Goiuri
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Roberto Ruiz
Created the 26-05-2019

Una verdadera preciosidad, merece la pena acercarse para visitarla. Además no tiene ninguna complicación, si solo te ciñes al corto paseo que llega al mirador desde la carretera. Uno de mis rincones favoritos en Álava.

Created the 23-08-2017

Espectacular cascada que se puede unir con esta ruta a las bonitas cascadas de Altube. La magia del agua dentro del Parke Natural del Gorbea.

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¿Did you know that...


The water of the stream, when it hits the base of the waterfall, goes deep into a large pool that gradually scratches the wall of the mountain until it forms a cover over it that ends up collapsing making the vertical of the waterfall recede step by step towards the limits of the village of Goiuri, a fact that has shaped the waterfall we know today.


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The Gorbea Natural Park, which covers several municipalities in both Álava and Vizcaya. You can find the park's interpretation centre in the town of Sarria, where you will find all the information you need to visit the park and from where several routes that run through it also start.



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