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Wetland of Saldropo, a visit to thousands of years of life

Thousands of years ago, in the shadow of the Atxuri rocks within the limits of what we know today as the Gorbeia Natural Park, the Saldropo peat bog was gradually formed. A natural space that over the years accumulated the plant sediments that characterize this type of ecosystem, sediments that from the 20th century were used by man until their total disappearance, converting the peat bog into the current Wetland of Saldropo.​

Wetland of Saldropo

The route through the Wetland of Saldropo, which is only 2.2 km long, starts from the parking lot of the recreational area located in this natural space. It is a simple and pleasant walk that follows the limits of the Saldropo Wetland bordering it in its entirety, since access to its interior is usually restricted. Following the track we arrived at, our route takes us past the Errekarte shelter and then we approach the surroundings of the Saldropo Wetland Interpretation Centre where we can discover all the peculiarities of this rich ecosystem and its great biodiversity. Surrounded by the spectacular landscape that surrounds us and under the watchful eye of the mythical Gorbeia, we continue our route through the Wetland of Saldropo, but not before taking a small detour to visit the old limekiln of Errekarte. A good number of surprising corners of great beauty await us ahead. Landscapes that are mixed with the exuberant life that populates this old peat bog full of birds, like the common stonechat or the red-backed shrike, without forgetting the nourishing vegetation that composes it, where the reeds or the sparkling grass compete with the hollies, birches or the white hawthorns.

Wetland of Saldropo

Following the fence that delimits the interior of the Wetland of Saldropo at all times, we are surprised to see the impressive Itxina Massif or the steep mountain peaks of the Urkiola Natural Park in the distance. Just for a moment, we will leave the close company of the fence to go into a thick pine forest and descend to meet a couple of refuges that, after passing by them, will take us back to the limits of Saldropo to start the return journey along its other side. This part of the route that will take us back to the car park from where we started takes us past the old bridge that, if we had been able to walk the old Saldropo Wetland trail, would have allowed us to save one of the streams that feed it, to go out to the track that now guides us to the recreational area where this interesting visit to the Wetland of Saldropo ends.​

Wetland of Saldropo

The Trick

If the route around the Wetland of Saldropo is not long enough, you can extend its route and make a wider circular route that will also take you to visit the Otzarreta Beech Forest or you can also go to the beautiful Uguna Waterfall.

How to get to Saldropo Wetland

The track that gives access to the Wetland of Saldropo can be found in the middle of the N-240 that connects Vitoria with Bilbao. More concretely we have to find it just at the top of the Barazar Pass, on the left hand if we arrive from Vitoria and on the right hand if we arrive from Bilbao. It is a conditioned and signposted track that begins next to one of the buildings that crown the pass, next to the sign that informs us of its height and name. This cement track, which we will not leave at any time, takes us in just a couple of kilometres to a fork where we will continue straight on without turning off, leaving the track on our left that leads to the Otzarreta Beech Forest. Our track leads us without detours to the recreational area and the parking lot of the Wetland of Saldropo where we can park our vehicle to visit this place.

Pet area, hiking with my dog

A real walk for our friend, ideal even for those less accustomed to direct contact with nature, but we must take them tied up.

We will have water points in the recreational area where we can take the water you need.

It is important to respect and not to bother the animals that live in Saldropo, in addition we must also find the cattle that graze in the bordering zone.

Technical data sheet of the route of the Wetland of Saldropo

ico-distancia-totalDistance. 2.2Km

From here we can go as far as the Otzarreta beech forest, although we will have to add a few more kilometres.

ico-tiempo-totalTime. 0:35h

The stops that we will surely make will significantly extend the time we have planned for this trekking route through the Gorbeía Natural Park.

ico-calendarioTime of year

The landscape that surrounds us at all times, as well as the importance and great biodiversity it possesses are more than enough reasons to consider visiting the Wetland of Saldropo. If we add to this the low difficulty of the route and the, in general, accessibility that it has, we are before an appetizing excursion practically all the year.

ico-materialRequired equipment

Except for specific moments in which the weather conditions are the protagonists, we are facing a route that we can travel without major complications. Of course, sports shoes and clothes according to the season and the activity we are going to do is the most advisable. Some water, especially if the children are with us, is not superfluous either.Consult our list of material and equipment for hiking. Read more.

ico-dificultadDifficulty. Low


With hardly any unevenness and with a not very remarkable distance, we are in front of a route suitable for the great majority of people, even accessible in a great part of its layout for chairs and baby carriages.

Severity of the environment

Respecting the recommendations and obligations that govern the Gorbeia Natural Park and the specific ones that affect the Wetland of Saldropo we should not find more complications than some mud in some areas of the path, especially inside the pine forest.


The old Saldropo Wetland trail was marked by yellow marks that are not as visible as before. Even so, and knowing that the current route does not follow this trail in its entirety, since we are now bordering the wetland, we will not have many doubts about the right path to follow. There are several paths that we will have to face but in all of them not separating from the limits of the Wetland of Saldropo is our reference to follow. Only when we reach the height of the pine forest will we be separated by a few meters from them to recover the course almost at once and return soon after to their company.

Important places to pass through
1-Parking lot at Wetland of Saldropo 0:00h 625m 0Km 30T 522046 4766784
2-Parking lot at Wetland of Saldropo 0:35h 625m 2.2Km 30T 522046 4766784

Coordinates UTM Datum WGS84

Profile of the route

Profile route Wetland of Saldropo

ico-desnivel-acumuladoSlope: 50m

ico-desnivel-positivoSlope +: 25m

ico-desnivel-negativoSlope -: 25m

ico-altitud-maximaMaximum altitude: 630m

ico-altitud-minima​Minimum altitude: 615m

Cartography, maps and tracks

Map of Wetland of Saldropo

This sketch of the route is not made to scale nor does it contain all the information relating to the area, it is merely indicative.

Topographic Map of the route of the Wetland of Saldropo


This schematic with the path is approximate and has been created from the derived cartographic base © Instituto Geográfico Nacional "Cuadrante 087-3, 25.000"

Senditur has manipulated the tracks to correct the aberrant points that may exist, caused by problems with the reception of the GPS signal. In any case the tracks are always approximate. SENDITUR encourages you to use the new technologies within your reach, using them as support and consultation in your activity, not basing the realization and orientation of the same only and exclusively on them, since they may see their functioning altered by very diverse causes, not functioning correctly and their indications may not be precise.

A Pottoka in the Wetland of Saldropo
Gorbea Natural Park
Itxina Massif from the Wetland of Saldropo
Wetland of Saldropo Gorbea Natural Park
Wetland of Saldropo Gorbea Natural Park
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Otzarreta Beech Forest
Zeanuri, Vizcaya - Bizkaia
Otzarreta Beech Forest
Gorbea Natural Park
Areatza, Vizcaya - Bizkaia
Gorbea Natural Park

The largest Natural Park in the País Vasco

Sanctuary of Urkiola
Abadiño/Zelaieta, Vizcaya - Bizkaia
Sanctuary of Urkiola

Sanctuary of the Santos Antonios, one of the oldest and most venerated in Vizcaya

Necropolis of Argiñeta
Elorrio, Vizcaya - Bizkaia
Necropolis of Argiñeta

One of the most important funerary monuments of Euskadi


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The peat bogs accumulate plant remains that, thanks to the acidity and the absence of oxygen inside them, make it difficult to decompose these remains, which continue to accumulate year after year, giving rise to the organic matter known as peat, used as fuel and fertilizer rich in nutrients.

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The interpretation center of the Wetland of Saldropo, the entrance is free and in him you will be able to know and to understand the different particularities that accompany to the wetland, as well as their history and the different species that in him inhabit and that make of the Wetland of Saldropo the natural treasure that is.


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Respect the Path Keep it clean

From the commitment of SENDITUR with Nature and the respect to the balance of the environment, SENDITUR urges you to travel in a responsible way, with low environmental impact and respecting at all times the Natural, Cultural and Social environment wherever you go.



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This route has been carried out in the field by SENDITUR on 29-01-2018. The route may vary greatly depending on the time of year, weather conditions and terrain, as well as the actions of third parties and the evolution suffered in the natural environment where it is located. All opinions, advice and/or assessments made by SENDITUR in their descriptions are for guidance only and are subject to and/or refer to the specific conditions of the specific day of the route, referring to that specific day, taken from trained people, with the appropriate experience and with a high level of physical and technical preparation as a reference, as well as correctly equipped.

All the times are approximate and take an orientative character, the stops have not been taken into account, no matter how small they are. All the information related to the route, texts, images, videos, maps, diagrams, tracks, towns, and places of tourist interest are published as a guide, and may not coincide with the current state of each place. Before undertaking any activity, assess your technical knowledge, your physical condition, find out about the weather and the variations that the route may undergo, equip yourself correctly, be prudent and responsible at all times, and do not exceed your capabilities. SENDITUR is not responsible for any misuse or inappropriate use of the comprehensive guides of its routes and/or publications as well as its electronic guides, nor for any variations in their descriptions for the aforementioned reasons, and recommends that everyone be responsible and prudent in carrying out the activity. We also encourage you to read books and specialised guides to complement the information described above.

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