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Servicios turísticos SenditurServicios turísticos SenditurServicios turísticos Senditur

The best showcase for your business

Senditur also allows you to display high-impact graphic advertisements, aimed at an active and quality audience. You will be guaranteed maximum visibility to capture the attention of the audience through quality content. Senditur is a reference website in the active, nature and rural tourism sector in Spain. As it is a thematic portal, you are directly targeting the audience you are looking for and advertising is more effective.

We want real results for your ads, so we offer long-lasting programmes to achieve real results.

Solicitud de informaciónSolicitud de informaciónSolicitud de información

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Followers: 5.370

Scope of publications: 346.870

(Total number of people reached in the last 90 days)

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Followers: 3.820

Impressions of publications: 281.503

(Total number of people reached in the last 90 days)


Finca de los Arandinos Apartamentos Turísticos Los Zapatos Morados Hostel Urban Río Cea Taberna Basrri
Centro Deportivo Spa Mercedes Bodegas Paco García Albergue Plaza Catedral Mancomunidad de Ayuntamientos de Anguiano, Matute y Tobía
Campingred Haro Albergue San Saturnino Nahiaz Restaurante La Cañada
Asociación Senderista de Anguiano Guías Enara Espacio Apotheca Hostería San Millán
Albergue Zaldiko Hotel Redecilla del Camino Casa Moralejos Asociación Cultural Aidillo
Hostal El Chocolatero Hostal Ciudad de Nájera Masaje+Camino

Tu espacio

Why have they chosen Senditur?

Because we offer seriousness and professionalism.

Because we elaborate attractive contents of outstanding graphic quality and great technical reliability, transmitting what makes us special, the passion for what we do.

Because we adapt to your objectives and needs being close, flexible and close.

Because through our platform we give your business greater visibility and presence throughout the year.

Because we show your business as if it were our own, in an environment with quality content, with images and information that is taken care of and that is perceived by the user.

Because the presence of your business cannot be absent where your future customers or visitors find new places to discover and adventures to perform.

Because for us each client is unique and special.


Ganador Primios Web Riojanos 2.015

XVII Web 2.015 Awards

The Riojan Web Awards are held every year to distinguish the best web projects in La Rioja in different fields, a competition in which hundreds of websites participate each year.

Senditur was the winner of this competition in the category Digital project for SMEs and personal spaces.


APP Senditur Recognitions

Senditur's App has been expressly recommended for travellers, tourists and people who love hiking, the mountains and the Way of St. James, by various media as well as public and private entities.

  • El País. Top 30 Travel Apps
  • National Geographic. The best apps for your travels
  • Grandes Espacios. An app for hikers and pilgrims
  • Federación Española de Asociaciones de Amigos de los Caminos a Santiago.

Do you have any questions?

If you would like more information or would like us to prepare a personalised proposal, please contact us via e-mail or if you prefer our telephone number is 619076698.

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