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Plans and Excursions with children in La Rioja

When we consider making a getaway to visit some place we don't know, one of our first actions is usually to investigate in search of information. Places to visit, activities to do, adventures to live, are some of the experiences we usually look for. In this article we are going to propose you a good number of Plans and Excursions with children in La Rioja, so that your visit to this autonomous community will be one of those trips that we always remember with pleasure.

Without a doubt there are many plans that we can bring in our suitcase, since La Rioja treasures like few others a great variety of attractions. To wine tourism we can add important archaeological sites, historical monuments, and of course a nature full of contrasts. Different activities that will undoubtedly make our excursion with children in La Rioja a trip full of adventure.

Suggestions for trips with children in La Rioja

No doubt the children are the protagonists of these plans that we propose, but surely they will not be the only ones to enjoy these places of La Rioja, or the different activities that we can do in them.

Estate of Ribavellosa

Plans and Excursions with children in La Rioja, Estate of Ribavellosa

When we think of La Rioja, we quickly think of the colourful landscapes laden with vineyards, but this land of contrasts also enjoys a lush nature, high mountains, and lush forests. An example of this is the Estate of Ribavellosa, a complex full of history and surrounded by lush forests. There are various activities that we can do with children here, from visiting the information centre, where we will learn about the history of this place and the special nature of its biodiversity, to taking one of its hiking routes, discovering at every step the flora and fauna that inhabit it, a large educational classroom in the middle of nature.

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Rupestrian sites and necropolis

Plans and Excursions with children in La Rioja, The Sonsierra rupestrian necropolis and winepresses

There are several different cultures that have passed through these lands leaving their mark. In the vicinity of San Vicente de la Sonsierra an excursion awaits us that will transport us back in time. A route that takes us to visit ancient rupestrian winepresses and impressive necropolises, surrounded by the colourful landscape that surrounds this area of La Rioja. We can also visit the Hermitage of Saint Mary of the Pool, a beautiful corner full of history. A real adventure in which we will visit these amazing places, vestiges of ancient civilizations carved into the rocks, which have come down to us.

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Plans and Excursions with children in La Rioja, Ezcaray

A good plan to do with the children in La Rioja is undoubtedly to visit some of its charming villages. The activities we can do there, together with the beautiful places they offer, make up for any trip we make. The town of Ezcaray may well be a good example of this. In addition to walking through its streets and discovering its monuments and corners, we can carry out various activities. Visiting an old loom, in the Ezcaray Blanket Factory, taking one of the walking routes that pass through here, or going to the small chapel of Santa Bárbara, where we can enjoy a spectacular view of Ezcaray and its surroundings, are just a few examples.

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House of Sciences in Logroño

Plans and Excursions with children in La Rioja, House of Science

If we are in Logroño with the children, among the many possible activities, we cannot miss a trip to the House of the Sciences. Located on the north bank of the Ebro River, next to the old Stone Bridge, the old Logroño slaughterhouse building now houses a host of science-related activities. The different exhibitions, classrooms and workshops that can be found there throughout the year are remarkable. In addition to these, there is the Science Garden, where we can experiment with physics, geology and palaeontology through different games.

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Route of the Dinosaurs of La Rioja

Plans and Excursions with children in La Rioja, Route of the Dinosaurs of La Rioja

La Rioja has an important archaeological heritage, a clear example of which are the Icnitas Archaeological Sites, dinosaur footprints. A large number of these footprints can be found in the municipality of Enciso. Among the plans that we can make, besides visiting the Paleontological Centre, we have the option of visiting the different sites that can be found here through Enciso's dinosaur route. There are 7 Icnitas sites waiting for us, which we can easily access in most cases. A real adventure in which children will enjoy this excursion in La Rioja to the full.

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Monastery of Suso

Plans and Excursions with children in La Rioja, Monastery of Suso

One of the plans with children in La Rioja that possibly brings together more activities is the visit to the monasteries of Suso and Yuso. In addition to their undoubted cultural and historical value, they are surrounded by spectacular natural surroundings. In addition to visiting these monasteries, you can walk along one of the officially approved trails that link them, such as the Paths of Suso. We can also make a trip to the nearby Cave of the Saint, to visit the impressive place where San Millán spiritual retreat is held. Or simply spend a pleasant time surrounded by nature in some of the recreational areas of Lugar del Río.

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Viewpoint of the Leza River canyon

Plans and Excursions with children in La Rioja, Viewpoint of the Leza River Canyon

Nature in La Rioja surprises us at every turn. Wide valleys, great mountains, lush and colourful forests, together with steep gorges, invite us to make an excursion to visit it. One of these places where children and adults are sure to be enchanted is the Leza River Canyon. The steep vertical walls that imprison the river are home to an important colony of vultures. The abrupt landscape offers us a good number of activities. Visiting the canyon's viewpoint or walking the route that best suits our little companions are just a couple of examples.

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Castle of Nalda

Plans and Excursions with children in La Rioja, Castle of Nalda

The strategic location of La Rioja contributed, in other times, to continuous struggles for its control. That is why today there are many castles, towers and fortifications that are still in a better or worse condition. We can visit almost all of them through the route of the castles of La Rioja and learn about their stories and legends. A good starting point could well be the resurgent castle of Nalda. There, recovery and research work has been and continues to be carried out, which is gradually returning some of the former splendour of this fortification, surrounded as it should be by a magnificent natural landscape.

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I hope that this small selection of Plans and Excursions with children in La Rioja, serves as a starting point to visit and discover all the charms that this great land hides.


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