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Plans with children in Burgos

Visiting the province of Burgos with children is always a good idea thanks to the many activities and excursions that this land has to offer. The plans with children in Burgos range from going into a Paleolithic safari surrounded by bison to visit a perfect reproduction of an ancient Castilian village, or get into the skin of the miners and descend into the bowels of the earth. Undoubtedly there will be no shortage of answers if we ask ourselves what to see and do with children in Burgos.

The province of Burgos treasures a great history as well as a great natural heritage, and this is reflected in the different places we will visit and the activities we can do. Therefore, it is not an easy task to select a few of them among the many good options that Burgos offers to those who visit it as a family, and these plans could surely be added to other equally interesting ones.

Proposals for getaways with children in Burgos

As it could not be otherwise, children are the main protagonists of the plans that we will see below, although we will surely also enjoy the places we will visit on our trip to Burgos with children.

Land of Dinosaurs Route

Plans with children in Burgos, Land of Dinosaurs Route

In the south of the province of Burgos, around the town of Salas de los Infantes, we will find a series of sites of Ichnites, as well as an interesting museum. An adventure excursion that will transport us to the time when these impressive beings dominated the earth. We will be able to know first hand the history of each site, discovering each footprint left millions of years ago by the dinosaurs that passed through here. Of course, in the museum of Salas de los Infantes, the amazing world of dinosaurs awaits us, with unique fossils in the world.

The House of the Wood

The House of the Wood

This unique building is located on the border of the provinces of Burgos and Soria, in the middle of nature and surrounded by the lush forests it represents. There are several different activities that we can do there, in addition to visiting this building, tourist information point and exhibitions. Going up the glass elevator to the highest part of the building allows us to have privileged views of the surrounding forest, as if we were perched on the treetops. Undoubtedly a visit that the kids will especially enjoy.

The hometown of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente

Go to The Salt Flats of Poza de la Sal

Poza de la Sal is the town where the great Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente was born, undoubtedly a reference for many of us. To the charms of this town in Burgos, an imposing castle perched on top of the hill under which the town sits, we have to add the Salinas de Poza de la Sal. This industrial complex can be visited thanks to the different routes that run through it, an adventure for the kids. Of course you can not miss a visit to the monument to Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente, or the interpretation center of the salt mines.

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Go to Archaeological Site of Clunia

Not far from Aranda del Duero and Peñaranda de Duero, Clunia awaits us. A real jewel of Roman times. This site, which we can visit almost in its entirety, treasures a great history. Proof of this are the remains of the different buildings that we can visit. The baths, the great theater, the forum or the temple of Jupiter, along with the imagination of the little ones, will make us travel back in time when the Roman legions dominated the known world. Undoubtedly a visit in which they will have fun and learn almost equally.

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The village of a thousand waterfalls


Not far from the medieval town of Frías, almost wedged between the vertical walls of the gorge of which it is the gateway, awaits the village of Tobera, known as the town of a thousand waterfalls. Although Orbaneja del Castillo could also hold this noble title. In Tobera awaits us a nice walk that will take us to visit the different waterfalls that cross the village. It will also take us to the beautiful corner formed by the hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Hoz, the shrine of Cristo de los Remedios and the ancient Roman bridge that is still preserved today.

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CAREX Center for Experimental Archaeology

Atapuerca Archaeological Site

Around the Atapuerca archaeological site, a must-see on any trip with children to Burgos, different projects have been emerging that bring us even closer to the inhabitants who inhabited these lands millions of years ago. The Museum of Human Evolution in Burgos is one of them. But if there is one where the youngest visitors enjoy to the maximum this is the CAREX or Center of Experimental Archaeology. Here, apart from the exhibitions that we can visit, they will put themselves in the shoes of the ancient inhabitants with the different activities that they can do during the visit.

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Natural Monument of Ojo Guareña

Natural Monument of Ojo Guareña

The natural areas that treasures the province of Burgos are always a great plan to do with children. The Forests of the Valle de Mena, the Cañón de Rio Lobos, the Hoces del Alto Ebro and Rudrón, La Yecla and the Sabinares del Arlanza, the Lagunas de Neila, the Natural Park of Montes Obarenes-San Zadornil, the Sierra de la Demanda and Sierra de la Tesla-Valdivielso, or the Natural Monuments of Monte Santiago and Ojo Guareña are some of them. Nature and incredible places await us in them as for example in Ojo Guareña, spectacular caves, hiking and much more to discover.

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Las Gobas

Las Gobas Archaeological Site of

In Treviño County, very close to the village of Laño, the archaeological site of Las Gobas awaits us hidden in the mountains that shelter it. This excursion will surely surprise children and adults alike, as it will allow us to go inside the houses and caves carved into the rock of the mountain that were home to the ancient inhabitants of this cave village. We will be able to see the granaries and warehouses they used and a necropolis, while we travel through the Treviñesa Cappadocia as it is also known. An adventure to live and enjoy in the middle of nature.

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I am sure that these examples of plans with children in Burgos that we propose will serve as inspiration to encourage you to visit and discover all the charms hidden in this great land.


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