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Did you know that... Moratinos

It is a small village located at the eastern end of the province of Palencia crossed by the French Way, close to Leon and within the valley excavated by the river Valdeginate. In the middle of the X century Moratinos is mentioned, according to documents, as a place donated to the monastery of Sahagún, this donation was ratified several times in different historical stages, one of them in times of Alfonso VIII as well as in the XIV century, that it is known that the town belonged in equal parts to the monastery of San Facundo, to the one of San Primitivo, both of Sahagún as well as to individuals.

Moratinos on the Way of Saint James

A little more history

Like almost all the villages in the territorial limits of the province of Palencia, few neighbours inhabit it and few more historical references are known. In the village the name Calle Real and Calzada Francesa is conserved as proof that the Way of Saint James has passed through here since ancient times.

To discover What to see in Moratinos?

Among the houses of Moratinos, adobe and tapial, stands out on top of the castle a whole village of wineries. The tower of its parish church dedicated to Santo Tomás de Aquino also draws our attention to this simple brick temple built between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, inside houses altarpieces from different periods and in the sacristy a beautiful image of the Virgin with Child of the sixteenth century.

Parish Church of Santo Tomás de Aquino in Moratinos


Moratinos celebrates its patron saint fiestas in honour of Santo Tomás in the third week of August around the 20th.


Due to its proximity to the Terradillos de los Templarios it is intuited that Moratinos was also within the area of influence of the order of the Templars, warrior monks who settled in Castilla to defend the border with the Muslims.

Get to Moratinos by car

Moratinos is reached following the section of the N-120, Vigo-Logroño, which goes from Carrión de los Condes to Sahagún, with two nearby junctions with the A-231 between Burgos and León.

By bus

The bus line covering the route Santervas de la Vega-Palencia stops at Moratinos on the Sahagún road on Wednesdays and Fridays.

By train

The closest rail link to Moratinos is in Sahagún.

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Church of San Tirso
Sahagún, León
Church of San Tirso

The tower of the Church of San Tirso is the emblem of the town

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