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Did you know that... Rello


A town in the Community of Villa y Earth of Berlanga, in the south of the province of Soria, it stands on top of a limestone rock that flanks the gorges of the Escalote River and is included in the protected natural area of Altos de Barahona, ZEPA. Little is known about the origin, and almost nothing about the historical importance of Rello during the reconquest. According to some sources its walled enclosure may date from the 14th century while for other scholars it is from the 11th century. After the Reconquest it belonged to the Community of Villa and Earth of Berlanga until the 15th century when it was granted the title of town belonging to the Lordship of the Count of Coruña. With the fall of the Old Regime, the town became a constitutional municipality, within the judicial district of Almazán, in the region of Castilla la Vieja. At present Rello, a small medieval walled town, has been a Site of Cultural Interest and Historical Ensemble since 2001.




What to see in Rello?


Rello, in a landscape of grey moorland, beautiful and hard, is one of the villages in muela, fortified on rocks, which preserves a historical and artistic heritage in true fusion with the surrounding nature. When you pass through its walled enclosure, dating from the 12th century with some reforms from the 16th, you have the feeling of having been immersed in a distant past. Walking through its silent streets, letting your imagination run wild in search of some medieval character, is effortless. From the Rello Castle, the remains of the tower of homage and a cistern are preserved.

Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción in Rello

To discover


Guarded in a walled enclosure is the church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción built in the 17th century. In the little square, next to the castle, the jurisdictional roll, the only one made of metal in Spain, is a bombarda, a primitive piece of artillery that was the precursor of the cannon they call the pasavolante, from the 15th or 16th century. Waking up from the magic that surrounds Rello can be difficult, but we are encouraged to think about doing some hiking route through the Hoz del río Escalote, splendid landscape that, from the magnificent viewpoint that has given us the town, we have seen. But first we will visit the hermitage of Las Angustias which is outside the walled enclosure and then we will approach the Tower Tiñón which, situated about three kilometres from Rello, is a watchtower possibly built by the Arabs in the 10th or 11th century.

Rello Walls



Rello celebrates on August 24th to San Bartolomé and the second weekend of September the celebration is for Las Angustias.






Various traditions coexisted in Rello, one of them being that of 13 June, the day of San Antonio, when auctions were held, the town council called a council and everyone drank from two old silver cups.




Characteristic of the Rello area are the Tainos, which are very old sheepfolds, of Celtic origin with vegetation cover, where the cattle are kept. And typical is also the elaboration in Rello of a delicious honey and pollen.

 Castle of Rello

The Legend


According to legend, Almanzor took refuge in the Tower Tiñón Watchtower and died when, defeated in the battle of Calatañazor, he retreated, badly wounded, to Medinaceli.





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Get to Rello by car


Rello can be reached from Barahona on the SO-132 road that links it to La Riba de Escalote. It is advisable to leave the car in an esplanade at the entrance of the village.


By bus


Rello has an on-demand bus service that connects it to neighboring locations. To access this service it is necessary to request it at the telephone number 900 204 020




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Rello, Soria
See accommodation in Rello

Rello, Soria

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