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I need to be prepared

There are many people we will meet who will tell us that they didn't prepare, that one day they grabbed the backpack and went at it. It is true that many people do not make a specific preparation beforehand, but like everything, there are many conditions that influence this fact. Not having faced such long walks does not have to slow us down to do the Way of Saint James, if we stop to think about the activity that we do every day and add what we have walked during the day, in many cases we would get some figures not far away to which we will have to do. The problem comes when one day after another, loaded with a backpack, we have to face the kilometers of the stage in turn.

It doesn't hurt to take a few walks first

We have to get used to the kilometers and the loaded backpacks

For this reason it is not superfluous to make a first contact with the Way by choosing routes close to our place of residence that serve as preparation to face the Way with greater guarantees. Starting with short distances and increasing the distance each day, getting used to the ungrateful travel companion that is the backpack, adding little by little weight to it, are the guidelines we can follow to make a good preparation. And as a final touch, if we have several days in a row, we can take advantage of the opportunity to do a walk on each one of them. All this will serve us, not only as preparation but also to prepare the material that we will take with us so that the Way does not become a torture, especially for causes that we can avoid with relative ease.

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