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Preparing for the near end of the French Way


Already in a single Way of Santigo the pilgrims, who from so many different places arrived to Arzúa, are preparing to cross a nourished landscape of leafy and shady forests that populate the rounded and soft hills through which the French Way passes in its transit towards the closer and closer end. The green meadows and not a few villages complete a route that will prepare us for our future entry into Santiago de Compostela, not before making a stop in O Pedrouzo waiting impatiently the next day.

Stage 28 Arzúa-O Pedrouzo of the French Way



The stage 28 Arzúa-O Pedrouzo with 19,6 Km leaves from Arzúa, where we will be able to visit its chapel of the Madalena of the XIV century and its church of Santiago. A comfortable journey awaits us by good tracks crossing an endless number of soft hills between the green Galician fields and its leafy forests that will give us a pleasant shade, that without a doubt is appreciated the days of summer. There are quite a few small villages that we have to pass through, such as Pregontoño or A Peroxa or the small As Quintas, separated from A Calzada, the motorway that links Santiago and Lugo.

Galician pasture meadows

Calle is the first locality of the new town hall that we cross, the one of O Pino, this small locality counted in the past with a hospital of pilgrims. But the list of villages through which we pass is increasing almost at the same rate that increases the miles we travel being Boavista, O Castro and Salceda the next to show us their hidden corners. The national one follows us closely during all the stage and claims its protagonism making us cross or continue next to it in repeated occasions.

Shadow forests



As Ras, A Brea and O Empalme stand between the road and us, allowing us to hide in part of it, camouflaging ourselves in the interior of the thick woods through which the route runs. The hermitage of Santa Irene offers us the water from its fountain, which is said to cure blisters and skin ailments. A Rúa, a well-kept village, which lets us sense the proximity of the end of the stage, gives way to a new decision of the many that along the entire French Way we will have had to take. We must choose between entering O Pedrouzo following the stretch of national that separates us from the locality or continue the French Way that hardly caresses this population. Both cases unite again in the Rúa do Concello that arrives from the city council of O Pedrouzo, to the meeting of the Way of Saint James to continue their advance together.

More information about the itinerary is available. DO NOT MISS IT...



The Trick


Many pilgrims decide to extend this stage by going to the outskirts of Santiago de Compostela, staying overnight in the surroundings of Monte do Gozo, and the next day calmly walk the short distance that separates them from the end and thus have enough time to enjoy the city of the apostle. If we so decide, we must know that we will travel 30 or 35 kilometres instead of 19.6.


Pet area, the Way of St. James with my dog



Relatively simple stage as far as distance is concerned, complications are marked by the crosses that we have to face and that will force us to take extreme precautions. The route by roads and tracks normally in good condition does not suppose an added difficulty, in addition the shady zones alternate with the clearings allowing our companion to cool down of the heat that without a doubt in summer will have to support.

The water should not be a problem either, although we do not just pass through areas where you can take a dip but the closeness between the localities ensures that we can safely have enough water points to replenish the reserves that we are undoubtedly obliged to bring, both water and food so that our friend might need.

Cattle are no longer as usual as in previous stages, although we can not rule it out as we will pass near farms where in addition to cows, sheep and chickens we will find their corresponding guardians who are normally in the enclosures of these farms. The villages and residential areas also guarantee us a good number of pets of the most varied characters that will come out to greet us on our way.



Sendigrino Ico_Hotel Ico_Albergue Ico_Hostal Ico_Restaurante IcoCafeteria Ico_Supermercado Ico_Farmacia Ico_Cajeroautomatico Ico_Veterinario Ico_Taller_de_BTT
Arzúa​​ Ico_Ok Ico_Ok Ico_Ok Ico_Ok Ico_Ok Ico_Ok Ico_Ok Ico_Ok Ico_Ok Ico_Ok
A Peroxa                  
As Quintas         Ico_Ok          
A Calzada         Ico_Ok          
Calle   Ico_Ok Ico_Ok   Ico_Ok          
Boavista       Ico_Ok            
O Castro                    
Salceda   Ico_Ok Ico_Ok Ico_Ok Ico_Ok   Ico_Ok      
As Ras                    
A Brea     Ico_Ok              
O Empalme       Ico_Ok            
Santa Irene   Ico_Ok Ico_Ok   Ico_Ok          
A Rúa​​ Ico_Ok   Ico_Ok Ico_Ok            
O Pedrouzo​​   Ico_Ok Ico_Ok Ico_Ok Ico_Ok Ico_Ok Ico_Ok Ico_Ok Ico_Ok  



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Description of stage 28 Arzúa - O Pedrouzo of the French Way


From Arzúa to Pregontoño 2,4 Km


The tourist information office and the pilgrim of Arzúa (0h 00min) serves as the starting point of the stage.

We left on the right hand side the information office

Leaving to our right side the tourist office and the national highway, turned into the main street of the locality, we will continue parallel to it.

We didn't leave the street we started at any of the crossroads we passed.



The route advances by Arzúa leaving to both sides a good number of streets that we should not follow, since for now it is straight in all the intersections.

Little by little we are leaving Arzúa

Little by little as we leave the locality we begin to descend gently, in front of us we can already see how the street we are going down loses its straight line and describes a curve to the right.

Now we follow the street on the left.

Following the curve that describes the street we arrive at a fork where we will have to leave it to continue on the left in search of the city limits.

We left the locality definitively

Soon we left behind the last buildings and the paving of the street is replaced by the gravel of the track that will guide us from now on.

We progress with relative ease

The good condition of the track added to the progressive descent that still accompanies us allow us to advance quickly between the fields that surround us, without having to abandon it at any time.

We don't leave the trail for now.



After a while, the trees begin to gain ground, allowing us to enjoy their shade. The slides become a constant that will accompany us until the end of the stage. A house marks the next detour to follow, where the option on the left is the one that chooses the Way of Saint James to continue its progression.

It's time to turn left.

The dirt track continues to be perfectly defined and maintains its good firm, a fact that will serve as a reference to follow in the few crossings that we find.

The good condition of the track to follow will serve as a reference in case of doubt.

The forest continues to provide us with pleasant moments of shade that unfortunately won't last very long.

We follow the road

The route takes us to the limits of the wooded area where we will join the road that will take us to the next town to be visited.

We follow the course marked by the road

Pregontoño (0h 35min), is to our left next to the different ways that would enter us in the locality, while we follow the discurrir that marks us the asphalt.


From Pregontoño to A Calzada

We cross to go straight ahead

The road we take makes us leave the locality behind us, taking us to a new crossroads. When we reach it, in front of us we can see the track we have to follow.

It's time to pass under the road

This new track, which continues with the good road surface of the previous one, brings us closer to the national road that we will luckily cross through the tunnel that will avoid the danger of crossing a road with so much traffic.

We continue without major complications

This area of the itinerary with hardly any shade forces us to make a greater effort to recover part of the height previously lost.

Cross the road to go straight ahead

After a while we cross the road that leads to nearby Cortobe, which we will cross to continue straight on the asphalted track that takes us quickly to A Peroxa (0h 55min).​

Now on the left.

When you reach this small village, the French Way turns to the left, leaving the asphalt and leaving almost at the moment of the town. This section makes us leave behind us a couple of paths that lead to the houses that form A Peroxa to go towards the interior of another forest.

The path to follow at the crossroads that we find does not usually leave room for doubt.

The sombre path takes us through corrdoiras that mark the direction to follow. The good firm that accompanied us until here loses part of its quality but maintains a very acceptable state in comparison of previous stages.

The route is somewhat more muddy and in worse condition

To our path they are joining some that another solitary track that does not complicate to follow by the correct option, while we return with the habitual ascent and descent.

We crossed a lonely road

The itinerary comes up against a narrow road that it crosses without looking to continue its straight course that will take us shortly to the next village we have to pass through.

We pass by As Quintas

From among the trees are shown little by little the houses of As Quintas (1h 25min), a small village that resists the passage of time.

We continue straight on to the works

We quickly find ourselves leaving a track to our left to go towards the works of the unfinished motorway that aims to improve communications between Lugo and Santiago de Compostela.

We crossed the bridge

This time we do have a magnificent bridge that allows us to pass this area of works without major detours.

Cross the bridge and turn left a few metres away

As soon as you cross the bridge, turn left a few metres in search of the track along which our route continues and which makes us recover our lost orientation, leaving trails on both sides that we should not follow.

We travel A Calzada

Without realizing it we will see ourselves advancing through A Calzada (1h 35min) without making cases to how many roads and streets go out to our encounter.


From A Calzada to Calle 1,9 Km

We crossed the road

At the moment we will see our way cut by another local road that we will cross without a doubt to continue the straight line that marks us the itinerary to follow.

We go straight on

Behind it is A Calzada and the different paths with which we are crossing to separate us step by step from the locality.

Still no detours at all the crossroads we encountered.

The section, as usual, offers us shady areas that are appreciated in summer and parts where the sun hits us, as we progress in search of the next objective of the day.

We're going down the road on the left.

After leaving the forest we come across the first houses of the town and the road that crosses it, we at this point follow a small path that makes us leave on our right side a house and the road with which we will meet again almost at the moment.

We go into Calle

This shortcut avoids us a few meters of asphalt doing us to return to him since it will be our particular guide up to the near crossing where we have to turn aside.

We follow the cobblestone

A narrow cobblestone street will take us into the heart of Calle (2h 00min), serving as a reference point for us to cover part of the locality without mistake.


From Calle to Salceda 3,5 Km

We continue with the descent

This street makes us descend to take us to the outskirts of the town.

We re-enter the locality

Even if it doesn't seem like it, we still have a long way to go down the Calle because we have to keep on descending until we find ourselves, shortly after walking on the asphalt, with the crossroads where, following on the left, we will go back into the town.

At the end of the street continue to the right

A narrow alley leads to another crossroads where the route now continues to deviate to the right.

We're heading towards the outskirts of Calle

We quickly come across another crossroads where, now, the path on our right that we follow will finally take us out of the locality.

We crossed the small river

Before being able to say goodbye to it we are forced to save a small river passing through the narrow footbridge fitted out for it.

We crossed the road

As soon as we cross, we are once again cut off by a local road that we will have to cross in order to follow the course of the French Way that continues between two houses.

We go back to the road

We can finally say that we left Calle definitively by following this short path that ends again in another road, where fortunately begins the path that we must continue.

We go straight on crossing even another road next to a house

We go away little by little crossing the green fields that dominate the landscape again seeing us forced to cross another local road to continue with our straight advance.

We get a little stretch of road

The track, in clear ascent, takes us to the meeting with the next short stretch of road that we have to face.

We leave the asphalt

We quickly reach the junction where we leave the asphalt to follow the wide track that will take us to the next town we have to cross. The small village of Boavista (2h 25min) stands in front of us almost at the same time as a new crossing. 

We deviate a few meters to the left in search of the continuation of the route

In it we have to turn a few meters to the left to find the continuation of the track that we have to follow. This dark track allows us to progress with relative ease taking advantage of the coolness it offers us.

The route continues along the asphalt track

After a while our track goes out to an asphalted road by which we must continue a few meters. At the moment the asphalted track turns, saying goodbye to us who continue straight on along a new path. 

We say goodbye to the asphalt to continue straight ahead

The continuous climbs and descends do not stop bothering us accompanying us in this occasion until the small village of O Castro (2h 45min), and the road that from the national one climbs toward her.

We did not alter our course by passing through O Castro

We cross this road to go straight ahead without deviating from the marked course.

We continue on the left

Soon we will find ourselves in front of the detour where we will leave this stretch of asphalt to continue along the path that passes between two old houses.

We have a long way to go next to the national one.

As if to warn us of what awaits us from now on, the national joins us just as we enter Salceda (2h 50min).​


From Salceda to O Pedrouzo 8,2 Km


The National Road accompanies us as we pass through the locality, leaving behind us one of the groups of houses that make it up.

We say goodbye to Salceda

As soon as you pass a wooded area, you will reach the detour that will take you away from the asphalt.

Still no more detours.

Now we see ourselves ascending by a wide track surrounded by high trees and ignoring the few crosses with which we are meeting.

Again next to the national

After a while, the national road joins us again, leaving us a narrow path that takes us to the place where we will have to cross the dangerous road.

Attention when crossing

At this point, but on the other side, there is continuity in the route that avoids us the traffic of the national route and where without a doubt we have to continue. This route introduces us back into the leafy forest following the straight line drawn by the boundary of the wooded area.

We continue straight on

Before arriving at the next village of the day we will have to cross two tracks that come from the nearby national and that cut the path we are following.

We go in search of the tunnel

Almost without realizing it we will have left to our back the small village of As Ras and we will be heading once again to the encounter of the national road. Luckily this time we have a safe tunnel that avoids us the risky crossing that not so long ago we had to do.

We return to the original route

On the other side we will join again with the layout of the old track that will lead us to the gates of A Brea (3h 25min).​

We got to A Brea

When we arrive at the village there are a couple of detours waiting for us, the first one to the left following the road that enters from the national one.

Touring the locality

We quickly find the second, to the right, which will take us to the outskirts of the town.

The route continues on the left

Once on the dirt track and with A Brea on our back, we have to continue leaving on the right a first path that we find as soon as we leave the town.

A new detour to the left

A short time later it is a farm that stands in our way and we must leave on our right.

We're heading towards the national

Almost without time to realize the environment that surrounds us, we are forced to follow the road that will unreservedly connect us with the national road.

We're not crossing the national road right now.

When arriving to its encounter a small andadero will serve us to avoid the abundant traffic that furrows the near asphalt.

Now it's our turn to cross

This andadero takes us to the place where once again we are forced to take extreme precautions to cross to the other side because that is where the andadero has continuity.

We're still parallel to the road.

A curious rest area equipped with its unmistakable water mill indicates the relative proximity of the next place of passage to which we will arrive following the route of the andadero that runs parallel to the national one.

We change the andadero for a narrow path

The andadero expels us to a narrow footpath to the edge of the asphalt, that takes us next to the national highway more time of the wished one.

We're looking for the best place to cross the national again.

A first crossing where we must go straight for a few more meters is the place that indicates that we have just arrived at O Empalme (3h 55min). A little further on from this crossroads, but on the other side is the track that follows the route, forcing us to cross the national road again in order to continue on our way.

Keep an eye on this crossroads, the route continues along the path on the left.

We quickly come across the limits of a leafy forest, where the itinerary will turn radically to the left to continue bordering it embedded between its high trees and the hedges that delimit the property that we have next to us.

We cross the boundaries of the forest until we enter it.

The andadero then begins a marked descent that takes us deep into the leafy forest and brings us closer to the national one without any other option.

Again next to the national

Upon reaching its height we observe with some relief that the andadero continues the descent a few meters more in search of the tunnel through which we will pass to the other side.

We passed under the national

When we come across the tunnel we leave the road we are going through to take a short detour that takes us to another of the corners of the Way of Saint James. As soon as we pass through the tunnel, we begin a cobbled ascent that takes us to the hermitage of Santa Irene (4h 05min).​

We passed through Santa Irene

Here the route leaves for the road that will take us back to the national road following the layout of this road that comes from it.

We crossed the national road to pick up the path next to her on the other side.

When we get to her meeting we will have to cross her to take up the path that runs next to her on the opposite side to the one we are in. The perfectly conditioned andadero guides us following the national road.

We go back into the woods.

After a while, the road separates from us and we go straight on into another thick forest.

Almost at the edge of the national road is the andadero that leads to the tunnel

This shady section takes us back to the domains of the national road, at which time we must look on our right for the track that descends into the tunnel by the cross to the other side. As soon as we cross, we will go directly to an asphalted track, which we must continue for a few metres.

We return to the dark forest

The track deviates to the left while we continue straight on taking the path that returns us to the interior of the forest. This well marked path takes us without major complications to the very gates of A Rúa (4h 30min).​

We entered A Rúa

At the entrance to the town, the path takes us to the road that crosses from side to side the town and which we must follow.

We leave the village behind us

With A Rúa to our back we advance straight ahead without deviating from the road that irremediably leads us to a new encounter with the national. There are quite a few crosses that we pass before reaching its height.

Cross the national road to follow the Way of Saint James or follow the national road to O Pedrouzo.

The national road marks the place where we must decide whether to cross it to follow the original route of the French Way or follow the course of the national road that will introduce us directly into O Pedrouzo, taking us to the town hall square, where the street that will join us again with the Way of Saint James begins.

A new stretch of forest

We crossed the national one to follow the track that gradually takes us away from it. This track takes us back to protected in part of the Sun and ignoring entrances to nearby farms.

The route turns to the right

After a while the track ends in what looks like a sports area with multiple pavilions where the route turns to the right.

We arrive at the end of the stage, although the French Way continues on the right.

Following this street that borders the limits of the pavilions, we find ourselves facing the street on our left that comes from the nearby O Pedrouzo (4h 55min), indicating the end of this stage.



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This route has been carried out on the ground by SENDITUR on 12-10-2018. The route can vary a lot depending on the time of year, the weather conditions and the terrain, as well as the actions of third parties and the evolution suffered by the natural environment where it is located. SENDITUR is not responsible for any misuse or inadequate use of the comprehensive guides of its routes and/or publications, nor for the variations for the above-mentioned reasons that could exist in their descriptions and recommends that each person be responsible and prudent in the realization of the activity. Likewise, we invite you to get information from books and specialized guides to complement the information described. All times are approximate and are for guidance only. Stops, however small, have not been taken into account. All the information related to the route, texts, images, videos, maps, diagrams, tracks, towns and places of tourist interest are published as a guide and may not coincide with the current state of each place. Before carrying out any activity, value your technical knowledge, your physical form, inform yourself about the meteorology and the variations that the route could have suffered, equip correctly, be prudent and responsible at all times, not surpassing your capacities.

Technical details of the stage



Total distance. 19,6 Km


Total time. 4h 55min

It should not take us much longer to cover the whole stage, independently we choose at the end to arrive at O Pedrouzo following the national one or we follow the course of the Way until the end of the stage to then descend until the interior of the locality in which case to arrive until the city council would take us about 5 minutes more, approximately.


Time of year. All year round

All year round we will see pilgrims who travel this stretch as there are several Paths that reach it, thus adding the pilgrims of all of them. The route maintains its typical landscape of green meadows and lush forests that accompany us throughout the route, allowing us to enjoy beautiful corners.


Material required. Nothing special

Stage without great complications that except the mud, habitual companion in these lands, there will not be anything remarkable that demands us one or another material in concrete. Adapting clothes and footwear to weather conditions and the time of year and adding protection against the sun, the raincoat and our backpack, we should not have major problems. Consult our list of material and equipment to make the Way. Read more




Slope acumulate. 916 m   Slope positive. 409 m   Slope negative. 507 m


Difficulty. Medium



The continuous slides harden in part a simple stage in the physical not having to travel too many miles compared to previous ones. The heat, although we have enough shaded areas, can considerably harden the route.  We will also find more than one ramp that will demand an extra effort that we can face with the calm that gives us the relative short distance of the stage.



The route cuts through the meandering course of the national and therefore we will be forced on more than one occasion to cross it, in some cases by sites with not very good visibility. We do not have to forget that this road supports a lot of traffic and although warned of the presence of pilgrims the vehicles roll with enough speed so that in less time than it seems we will have them over us. It is curious that a few pilgrims choose to follow the course of the national one putting themselves and the drivers that circulate through it at risk, when if we count it we get more kilometers on the asphalt than following the tracks on which the Way runs, which on the other hand are in quite good condition.



As usual, there are many towns that we pass through and even more those that are close to the route. This fact increases the marks that invite us to visit them, making it partly difficult to find the right course to follow. Passing through the villages is easy and it is in the Calle where we will make the most upheavals to cross it. O Pedrouzo, end point of stage for some pilgrims will force us to decide between entering it or following the Way that avoids us passing through its interior, a decision that we will take according to our needs.


Important places to pass through

1-Arzúa 0h 00min 386 m 0 Km 29T 568515 4753070
2-Pregontoño 0h 35min 335 m 2,4 Km 29T 566479 4752551
3-A Peroxa 0h 55min 387 m 3,5 Km 29T 565689 4752988
4-As Quintas 1h 25min 399 m 5,3 Km 29T 564089 4753175
5-A Calzada 1h 35min 388 m 6 Km 29T 563386 4752866
6-Calle 2h 00min 345 m 7,9 Km 29T 561827 4751984
7-Boavista 2h 25min 379 m 9,5 Km 29T 560488 4752468
8-O Castro 2h 45min 371 m 10,9 Km 29T 559223 4752861
9-Salceda 2h 50min 362 m 11,4 Km 29T 558735 4752896
10-As Ras 3h 20min 372 m 13,2 Km 29T 557167 4752128
11-A Brea 3h 25min 375 m 13,7 Km 29T 556699 4752033
12-O Empalme 3h 55min 406 m 15,4 Km 29T 555205 4751654
13-Santa Irene 4h 05min 375 m 16,2 Km 29T 554604 4751790
14-A Rúa 4h 30min 277 m 18,1 Km 29T 552944 4751496
15-O Pedrouzo 4h 55min 289 m 19,6 Km 29T 551910 4750714

Coordinates UTM Datum WGS84


Stage Profile

Profile of Stage 28 Arzúa-O Pedrouzo of the French Way


Cartography, maps and tracks

Map of Stage 28 Arzúa-O Pedrouzo of the French Way

This sketch of the route is not made to scale nor does it contain all the information relating to the area, it is merely indicative.

Topographical Map Stage 28 Arzúa-O Pedrouzo French Way



This schematic with the path is approximate and has been created from the derived cartographic base © Instituto Geográfico Nacional  "Cuadrante 0096 y 0095 1:50.000". 


Senditur has manipulated the tracks to correct the aberrant points that may exist, caused by problems with the reception of the GPS signal. In any case the tracks are always approximate.


Information and virtual signalling of the stage available for:




SENDITUR encourages you to use the new technologies within your reach, using them as support and consultation in your activity, not basing the realization and orientation of the same only and exclusively on them, since they may see their functioning altered by very diverse causes, not functioning correctly and their indications may not be precise. SENDITUR is not responsible for any misuse and/or operation of its electronic guides and recommends that everyone be responsible and prudent in carrying out the activity. All opinions, advice and/or assessments made by SENDITUR in its descriptions are subject to and/or refer to the specific conditions that SENDITUR encountered on the specific day of the performance of the tour, referring to that specific day and always taking as reference trained and experienced people, with a high level of both physical and technical preparation, as well as correctly equipped, therefore all opinions, assessments and/or advice are for guidance only. From the commitment of SENDITUR with Nature and the respect to the balance of the environment, SENDITUR urges you to travel in a responsible way, with low environmental impact and respecting at all times the Natural, Cultural and Social environment wherever you go.



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End of the Earth, Lord of Storms, Lookout at the End of the World

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It was some religious who came from Sarria who created in Arzúa a hospital for pilgrims together with a convent of which only the Chapel of the Madalena remains.


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The one that is probably the most international of the Galician cheeses, the Tetilla cheese, whose shape differentiates it from all the others, being of soft and creamy texture and that surely we will be able to find with relative ease.


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